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Telluride Colorado

Telluride Mushroom Festival

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The Telluride Mushroom Festival is a unique and special gathering unlike any other. Go on a guided foray with one of our experts, sample as many foods as possible at the culinary competition, attend the keynote lecture, look at the schedule prior to arriving to plot your course of lectures and workshops, say hi to Art Goodtimes and Gary Lincoff, and bring a costume for the parade. Find someone who looks like they've attended and ask them. Everyone has their own special ritual at Telluride Mushroom Festival.

Do you know much about mushrooms? Fungi serve many purposes--from breaking down plant cellulose in nature, to creating nutrients for plants, to serving as food and medicine for people, to acting as bio-remediators to filter and break down toxic land like oil spills and agricultural run-off.  

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