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Telluride Colorado

Local Transportation

Telluride is one of the most pedestrian-friendly resort towns in the United States. Once you get here, you don’t need a car thanks to services such as the free Gondola, Dial-A-Ride/Telluride Concierge and Galloping Goose bus service.

Free Gondola

Linking two towns, the Gondola is the only public transportation system of its kind in North America. Running daily from 6:30am to midnight, the 13-minute gondola ride eliminates the 20-minute, eight-mile drive between both towns. The gondola operates year-round, with temporary off-season closures.

Learn more about the Telluride-Mountain Village Gondola.

Galloping Goose

The Galloping Goose bus service provides free transportation in and around the town of Telluride, Mountain Village and Lawson Hill. It also provides paid bus transportation to Norwood and Placerville.

For more information about the Galloping Goose, call (970) 728-5700.

Dial-A-Ride/Telluride Concierge

Dial-A-Ride/Telluride Concierge offers free, door-to-door transportation for guests and residents in and around Mountain Village. For more information about Dial-A-Ride, call (970) 728-8888.