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Telluride Colorado

Lift Operations

Lift Safety

When riding a chairlift, our goal is to have an overall safe experience when loading, riding and unloading.
​The best position for success is to follow the directions.


  • Get prepared and be ready! Take your pole straps off and hold your ski poles in one hand. Check for loose clothing and equipment. Backpacks should be removed.
  • Group up with your riders and get on the same page before proceeding from the lift maze.
  • If you would like the chair slowed, tell the operator before moving into the queue. Let them know if you need the chair slowed at the top as well.
  • Line up with your group at the wait board and follow the chair in front of you to the load board.
  • Line up with the yellow “load here” signs. Remember to keep your skis straight ahead and look behind you for the incoming chair.
  • Grab onto the side of the chair and sit back to pull yourself onto the chair.
  • Scoot and pull yourself all the way into the chair so your back is fully touching the seat back; as a group, bring down the safety bar. Be sure to notify your chair mates that the bar will be coming down to avoid any contact between the bar and an unaware passenger.



Make friends and sit tight! Chat about the weather, the conditions, where everyone is from or anything else that may come to mind. Use the time to get to know your fellow skiers. Talk about anything, but DO NOT:

  • Horse around.
  • Turn around in the chair.
  • Get things out of your pockets – no one wants to drop their phone off the chair!
  • Throw things from the chair.
  • Click your skis.
  • Swing, rock, or bounce the chair.



  • When coming into the terminal, wait until everyone is ready to raise the bar! That means sitting back in the seat and taking feet off the footrest bar.
  • Check for loose equipment and ensure your backpacks and fanny packs are loose from the chair and ready to move with you.
  • Keep your tips up and look for the yellow “unload” signs.
  • When aligned with the signs, stand up with authority and slide down the ramp. Do not hold onto the chair!
  • Move out of the way quickly so the next guests have plenty of room to unload.
  • If you happen to fall or leave something behind, clear out of the way as soon as you are able, the lift operators will be paying attention and can assist you more effectively if you’re off to the side.