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Telluride Colorado

Backcountry Safety

Backcountry Access Rules and Regulations

More and more skiers and snowboarders head out of ski area boundaries every winter in search of untracked powder and adventure. This terrain is neither patrolled nor controlled for avalanche, and snow conditions are vastly different from those found within the more predictable confines of a ski area.

Access to the backcountry from the Telluride Ski Resort is available only through specific gates in the resort boundary. Any skier or snowboarder who is caught exiting the boundary illegally will lose their pass, and could be subject to criminal charges.

Pursuant to the Colorado Skier Safety Act, the Telluride Ski Resort assumes no responsibility for the safety and welfare of skiers/snowboarders going beyond the ski area boundary. Areas beyond the ski area boundary are not patrolled or maintained. Avalanche danger and other hazards exist. Individuals are solely responsible for their safety and welfare. Rescue in the backcountry, if available, will be costly and may take time.

Additional information

For current backcountry conditions please visit the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) at