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Telluride Colorado


Winter 18/19 Season Dates: November 22, 2018 - April 7, 2019. Be sure to purchase your season pass online by October 12th!

2018-19 Winter Trail Map

This map shows nearly all of the terrain within Telluride Ski Resort, including lifts, trails, resort boundaries, safety zones and other key features. >> View/Download the new aerial maps for our Upper Mountain / Hike-To Terrain

(click image to enlarge)Telluride Ski Resort 2018-19 Winter Trail Map

This year, Telluride Ski Resort’s winter trail maps are printed on paper made from stone, NOT trees. Using this innovative, revolutionary new paper product represents our next step in our ongoing commitment to sustain the region’s environment and unique natural setting. Our Stone Paper trail maps are made from 85% calcium carbonate (CaCO3), recycled concrete, and a non-toxic, recyclable, photodegradable HDPE resin (15%) – and are waterproof, tear- and fire-resistant. Telluride is very proud to provide trail maps which required NO TREES or WATER. Importantly, the production of Stone Paper creates zero air or water pollution, and requires no harmful acids, dyes and bleaches – all of which would eventually end up in our local environment.

Palmyra Peak & Black Iron Bowl

This map shows hike-to terrain that is accessible off of Gold Hill, Palmyra Peak, and Blackiron Bowl. Palmyra Basin is accessed via Palmyra Peak or Gold Hill Chutes 6-10. Black Iron Bowl includes Mountain Quail and the Top of 12 hike-to's. >> View/Download the new aerial maps for our Upper Mountain / Hike-To Terrain

(click image to enlarge)/uploaded/maps/Palmyra-BIB_TELSKI_1819_large.jpg

Revelation Bowl

This map shows the expansive Revelation Bowl accessed via Gold Hill Express (Lift 14). At the bottom of Revelation Bowl on the boundary of the Telluride Ski Resort, the Bear Creek Overlook provides sweeping scenic views of Bear Creek.

(click image to enlarge)Detail of Revelation Bowl

Summer Maps

Mountain Village Biking and Hiking Overview

This map provides an overview of hiking and biking trails in Mountain Village. Trails may be accessed from the town of Telluride, Mountain Village and from Station St. Sophia via the Free Gondola.

Mountain Village Bike Park

This map shows bike trails that are within the Mountain Village Bike Park. Trails may be accessed from Station St. Sophia via the free gondola. Gondola cabins are equiped with bike racks during the summer months.