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Telluride Colorado

Silver Skier Program

winter 2020-21 Dates TBA

Our newest program within the Ski and Snowboard School, the Silver Skier Program is offered to skiers 50 years young and up. Offered over two sessions on Thursdays in January and February, come join top pros from the Ski School this season and meet others who share your same passion and love for the sport. Silver Skiers will enjoy exploring the mountain with new friends and just the right amount of coaching. Having fun and broadening your social circle are the main goals for the program, so we look forward to including you in great days out on the hill.  


9am—noon. Silver Skiers can gather for a relaxed lunch at various on-mountain and town restaurants after a great morning of skiing with friends.


Coaches will be from the “senior” ski school staff with an interest in making skiing fun, relaxed, and enjoyable for our fellow seniors. Once our groups are formed (based on ability and interests), we will try to keep the same coach and group throughout each session.


The program is designed for Novice/Cruisers all the way through Advanced/Hard Core skiers and we will be creating the groups based on each person’s ability level.


Rentals and Demos at an additional cost will be available so you can try out the newest ski gear to help improve your skiing.

Meet the Instructors

Christi Northrop McRoy

Started skiing at Winter Park at age four, this will be Christi’s 66th year skiing. With an Austrian father, skiing is what her family did. In 1962 at the University of Colorado, Christi started teaching skiing for Jack Beattie in his kids' program and has been involved in teaching for 52 years since. In 1976 Christi wrote the book “SKIING WITH KIDS” and worked as a writer for SKI MAGAZINE for 25 years.  At SKI, Christi helped found and develop their national kids teaching program SKIwee.  In addition, she covered ski equipment for SKI and headed up their Junior Equipment Test.  From 1991-2005, Christi coached juniors with the Winter Park Competition Center and raced in the Rocky Mountain Masters program.  Christi holds her Level 2 USSA Certified Ski coach. 

For more info:

(970) 846-9179 - Christi Northrop Mcroy