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Telluride Colorado

Making Friends with Moguls Camp

Explore the fundamentals to ski moguls the easy way.

Call (970) 239-7061 or email for details.

NEW FOR 2019 – Choose from 3 distinct sessions to fit your goals.

Session 1 │ January 22 – 24, 2019

Our 3-day camp is aimed at the intermediate to advanced skier who is proficient on all groomed runs Telluride has to offer, but avoids mogul runs. Attendees will learn techniques and tactics that have proven effective, to get them comfortable skiing Moguls.

The Camp will focus on the use of Balance, Timing, and Tactical line choice as opposed to brute strength and athletic prowess.


3-Day Mogul Camp With Lift
Jan. 22 – 24


3-Day Mogul Camp No Lift
Jan. 22 – 24


Session 2 │ February 9 – 10, 2019

This 2-day camp covers the same content as our 3-day camp, but will have a more pinpointed focus. This camp is for those with limited time who still want to make friends with moguls.


2-Day Moguls Camp With Lift
Feb. 9 – 10


2-Day Moguls Camp No Lift
Feb. 9 – 10


Session 3 │ March 5 – 6, 2019

Session 3 is our Making Friends with Moguls 201 Camp - a more advanced offering, focusing more on black-level mogul runs and the techniques and tactics necessary for these more advanced runs. This camp is also a great follow up for guests who have already participated in our traditional Making Friends with Moguls Camp.


2-Day Moguls 201 With Lift
March 5 – 6


2-Day Moguls 201 No Lift
March 5 – 6


I learned more about skiing in those two days with the Making Friends With Moguls Camp than in all of the past 10 years combined.” — Mitch V., Mountain Village, CO

Why Mogul Camp?

In the Moguls, the space and time between turns is abbreviated. Therefore, inefficiencies that can be disguised on groomed runs will be ineffective in Moguls. To ski easily in Moguls requires more precise movement patterns.

In our camp, we spend time on groomed runs refining these precise movement patterns before entering Mogul fields. The camp time and activities are split up between drills on groomed runs, discussion of Mogul lines and tactics, and practical application on Mogul runs. The amount of time on each depends on the skills our guests bring to the camp.

The Goal of the camp is to use the above mentioned to make friends with Moguls and be comfortable in Blue level Mogul runs. We will start out slowly, with proven exercises and progressions, to help attendees achieve their goals. Camp groups will be based on ability levels. The Camp leaders are mature skiers who have successfully taught these techniques for many years at the Telluride Ski School.

Benefits of the Mogul Camp:

  • To explore the fundamentals of efficient skiing in moguls
  • Create tactics for low impact skiing
  • See more of the mountain than ever before
  • Learn to overcome the fear of skiing moguls
  • Develop a mogul strategy that can be used on any bump run
  • Learn how the right equipment choices make skiing bumps easier

Meet the Instructors

Larry Hopkins

A 68 year old fully certified instructor who has skied for over 60 years of his life. Larry has been skiing Telluride for 43 years and has taught for 28 of them, teaching guests as young as 2 and as old as 80 all levels of skiing. Larry currently specializes in teaching mature skiers how to enjoy skiing with less fear and muscle fatigue.

Richard Thorpe

Richard is a fully certified, 64 years young instructor and Telluride Ski Resort trainer who specializes in mogul skiing. Richard has an extensive bag of tricks to make learning to ski easy and fun. Richard has 43 years of teaching experience and in 2010 was selected as Colorado Ski Country’s Instructor of the Year.

Call (970) 239-7061 or email for details.