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Telluride Colorado


Meet a few of our highly qualified instructors

Annie Savath

Annie Savath

Experience: First started teaching in Engelberg, Switzerland. Have been teaching at Telluride, TSG since 1972. Alpine Examiner (Emeritus), Loves to go find the best snow on the mountain, wherever it might be.

Motto: Get involved, leave Telluride better than you found it

Other interests: hiking, biking, paddle boarding, gourmet cooking, photography, exploring other countries with husband Ro-bear

Insider tip: Be aware, you come to Telluride, life will never be the same.

Cindy SmithCindy Smith

Welcome to Telluride.  We look forward to skiing with you!  

Experience:  I started teaching at Drumlins in Syracuse N.Y. I have been teaching in Telluride since 1980.  I am a Rocky Mountain Trainer with P.S.I.A.

Motto:  Enjoy this very moment.

Favorite Run:  Dynamo

Awards:  I have been awarded twice as Ski Magazine’s top 100 instructors in North America.

Why you would want to ski with me:  I really listen to my students and customize the lesson to what they want.

Other Interests:  Anything outside.  The lighting in Telluride changes everyday and I never go tired of it.  Golfing,  road biking, and listening to the quiet in the woods.  I also enjoy a beer with friends.

I am:  Grateful to be here.

Cristina CandidoCristina Candido

I started teaching skiing when I was just a kid to children on a little teeny tiny patch of snow. We had so much fun that I have been doing it ever since, and that was over 20 years ago in my home town, Bariloche, Argentina. I had the opportunity to come to Telluride in 2000, and have been able to teach skiing year round ever since. I also ran the kids ski school in Bariloche for three years. I feel so lucky to work doing what I love.

Discipline: Alpine

Certifications: PSIA III, Children's Specialist 2, ADIDES II

Favorite run: Any run through the trees including Satisfaction, Happy Thoughts, and Can't Make Em trees

Other interests: Anything outdoorsy, whether its Hiking, Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing, River Rafting, or laying in the sun on a beach.

Pets: My one eyed cat called Misterio, which means mystery in English. I found him at the Fire Station where I volunteer in Bariloche. Misterio told me that I needed to take him home, so I did.

Motto: Enjoy every minute!

Deb WillitsDeb Willits

First Instructing Job: Teaching other students to ski for PE credit during my senior year in college. No training. Had to make it up.

Discipline: Alpine, Telemark and Cross County 

Certifications: Level 3 in Alpine, Telemark and Cross Country. Children's Specialist 2. PSIA National Nordic Team, Alumnus.

Favorite run: Any run is my favorite with great conditions and friends.

Other interests: River SUPing, XC skiing, cycling, gardening, traveling and volunteering

Family/pets: Pat (husband), Sam (daughter), and Orion (son). Rio is our dog. Both kids teach at Telluride in the 'Family Business'.

Favorite teaching moment: Every day and each student is special.

Dennis HuisDennis Huis

I’m now in my 18th year here in Telluride and can’t believe I could ever be anywhere else in the winter! 

Fully certified in alpine and telemark, kids and freestyle 2 accredited.  Staff trainer for the resort.

I love to ski chair 9, whatever run seems to have the best snow.

My wife and I live in Durango during the summer where we Guide hiking trips on the Colorado Trail and Horsepacking trips in the Weminuche Wilderness. If it involves the outdoors I’ll do it or try it.  Favorites are scuba diving, cycling, hiking, camping anywhere.

The best Skier on the Mountain is the one having the most FUN!

Eric ThorenEric Thoren

Experience: I have been teaching in Telluride for 20 years.

Motto: Skiing is a journey, not a goal. Enjoy the journey.

Favorite runs: Any of the tree runs, from green to double black.

Certification: PSIA Level III, Children’s Specialist 2, Freestyle Specialist 1

Awards: Awarded in 2001 as ski magazine’s top 100 instructors in North America.

What I can do for your skiing: I specialize in working with family’s, giving the conservative skiers the confidence and skills so they can enjoy skiing with the rest of the family.  My success comes from believing people know when you care and progress further because of it.

Frankie ZampiniFrankie Zampini

Experience: Year round Alpine ski Instructor, Based in Telluride, CO, (2007/08) and Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina (2004). Pro Staff Rep for Dynastar and Lange. Member of Southern Synchro Skiers (one of the Telluride Demo Teams).

Certifications: PSIA Level III, Children Specialist 2, AADIDES level II, Junior Telluride Trainer.

Motto: Do what you love and your life will have meaning

Favorite run: Power Line

Family: Wife and 2 kids (8 and 5 years old)

Other interests: Sport and Classics cars, Tennis, Rugby, Mountain Bike, Diving

Favorite Teaching Moment: When student/instructor relationship make the necessary click to push them self to sussed their goals.

What can I do for your skiing: Technical and coaching skills plus my friendly personality make skiers of all ages and level enjoy the Telluride environment and seek for new goals.

Georgie LeelGeorgie Leel

Favorite Teaching moment: I love my job because every person I meet is different and interesting. Having fun whilst getting to understanding how people learn and bringing the best out of my clients is the most rewarding part!!

First Ski/Snowboard Instructing Job: I have been teaching for over 30 seasons both in North America and Australia.

Certifications: APSI Alpine Trainer/Examiner, and hold certification in the areas of Children, Freestyle Coaching, and Race Coaching.

Motto: I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday!

Favorite run: Dynamo

Howie DentonHowie Denton

First Instructing Job: Turoa Snowsports School, Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand. In the year 2000. First season instructing in Telluride, 2002/2003 Winter.

Disciplines: Snowboard and Ski

Certifications: Full Cert Snowboard Instructor with Alpine Crossover. ISIA,NZSIA,NZSBA,PSIA,AASI.

Favorite run: Hard to say, Plunge, from the top of chair 9, has a bit of everything which I like, powder or not.

Other Interests: Downhill Mountain Biking, World Travel, Music & Film.

Family/Pets: Wifey Ashley, kittykat Bella.

Insiders Tip: Best fish n chips in town @ Smugglers Gastro Pub, that's where this Englishman gets his fix..!!

Motto: turning IS speed control..!!

Favorite Teaching Moment: Sorry, far too many to choose from..!!

What I can do for you: Help you to ride with your body and the mountain rather than against them.

Joanna HuisJoanna Huis

My husband Dennis, our 2 dogs and 2 cats split our time between summers in Durango, CO and winters in Telluride. Initially I taught skiing 3 years at Purgatory in Durango and the last 16 in Telluride.

I am certified to teach alpine & telemark skiing.  I also have my children’s accreditation.

I love skiing and it doesn’t matter where I ski or with whom I am skiing. As long as I am out in the snow with those who want to be out having fun and enjoying the beauty of the mountain it is a good day!

Katie McHughKatie McHugh

Discipline: Alpine

Certifications: Full Certification Alpine, Children's Specialist 2, Master's Degrees in both adult and children's education.

Other Interests: Getting to know people from all walks of life, and doing anything that involves going down hill.

Telluride Insider Tip: Drink a lot of water!

Favorite Teaching Moment: Teaching is my passion. Helping anyone move to that next level, whether its a beginner making it down their first green run or an advanced skier making tight turns through the trees, it all makes me smile.

What I can do for your skiing: I can help you define your goals and teach you to attain them while making sure your next step is not too big that it presses your "freak out" button!

Kim HewsonKim Hewson

First Ski Instructing Job: Telluride 2000

Discipline(s): Alpine Private Ski Instructor, Staff Trainer(Biomechanics)

Certifications: Alpine Level II 

Favorite run: Snow covered

Other interests: Sports Medicine

Family: In Telluride since 1974

Telluride insider tip: Bar at ALLREDS with bartender Paul

Motto: Knowledge for the sake of knowledge

Favorite Teaching moment: Watching smiles

What I can do for your skiing: Teach you how "body awareness" makes skiing easier.

Marti Martin-KuntzMarti Martin-Kuntz

Discipline: Alpine ski instructor

Certification: Level III Certified Alpine Ski Instructor

How long have you been in Telluride: I moved to Telluride in 1976 to teach skiing.  My home is Telluride and with my husband we celebrate having adventures where we can soak in the beauty of these amazing mountains.

Motto: After years of skis racing and teaching, I now strive for efficient and effortless dynamic skiing.  

What I can do for your skiing: When you ski with me I promise to help you discover the skier within yourself…  the one that recognizes how to dance with the mountain.

Insider tip: hang out in Telluride and you'll never grow old.  The beauty and adventure will keep you coming back. 

Michael BlantonMichael Blanton

First Ski/Snowboard Instructing Job: Nub’s Nob - Harbor Springs, MI

Discipline(s): Snowboard and Ski

Certifications: Level 3 SNB, Level 1 ALP, Children’s specialist level 2, Freestyle specialist level 1, RM Level 3 examiner

Favorite run: Mammoth-Makm trees

Other Interests: Fishing, climbing, biking, hiking, sailing, SUP'n and watching my daughter grow-up :)

Family/Pets: Yes and Yes :)

Telluride insider tip: On powder days- get up to the higher lifts and stay there. The lower lifts get congested.

Motto: Be safe, Be smart and make good decisions!

Favorite teaching moment: First powder turns!

What I can do for your skiing/snowboarding: Efficient movements = More runs :). Easing fears = Having fun!

Mike McGillMike McGill

First Ski/Snowboard Instructing Job: Schi Schule Tritcher Austria

Discipline(s): Ski and Snowboard Instructor Guru

Certifications: Level 4 Skiing APSI   Level 1 Snowboard AASI

Favorite run: Kant mak em

Interests: Making people laugh

Telluride insider tip: Ski with me and then have a beer and a green tea at tracks.

Motto: John Lennon was meant to be quoted saying once: "Imagine all the people skied and rode with Mike McGill"

In top gun. The original movie line was to be "You thought you were the best of the best." "but have you guys skied with Mike McGill"

Favorite Teaching moment: Every time I teach its a favorite moment.

What I can do for your skiing/snowboarding: After receiving an award for instructor of the world 2013( voted by myself) I bring to skiing fun, excitement, knowledge, direction, humor, memories laughter, productivity, confidence building, bonding, positive reinforcement, understanding, demonstration, team building, therapy, skills, excellence, silliness, professionalism, games, accents, drama, comedy, friends, courtesy, respect.

Poncho WinterPoncho Winter

Certifications: I have gotten certifications in Alpine, Telemark, Freestyle and Snowboarding.  Its great to be able to teach skiing in the morning and snowboarding in the afternoon.

Favorite run: My favorite run is Mammoth.  Its northern exposure keeps the snow soft, and its not too steep for a Telluride bump run.

Other interests: I also love Nature, Kitesurfing and Surfing

What I can do for your skiing/snowboarding: Teach you to control your speed with turn shape.

Richard ThorpeRichard Thorpe

Describe your snowsports history: first taught @Snoqualmie Summit, 11 Years in Taos, Ski School Dir. Cuchara, 15 Years in Telluride

Hometown: Burlingame, California

Qualifications: Staff Trainer, Level III Alpine Certified, Children's Specialist 2, Freestyle Specialist 1

What I can do for your skiing: Make skiing easier, with less effort & more Fun! Ski Bumps the Easy Way

Favorite teaching moment: Watching my Guests "Get It" Too many to list!

Favorite run to ski on my time off: Mtn. Quail to Black Tusk trees

I ski on: Volkl & Wagner Skis, Lange Boots

Favorite off snow activities: Running, Mtn Biking, Exploring "off the beaten path" locations

Coolest place Ive ever been: Chacaltaya, Bolivia, Highest Ski Area in the World

Favorite place to eat in Telluride: Siam

Robbie CarpenterRobbie Carpenter

Discipline: Snowboard, Ski, Snowbike

First ski job: Telluride 03/04

Other Interests: Music, Hiking, Working outdoors, Travel

Favorite Run: West Drain

Motto: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle 

What can I do for your Skiing or Snowboarding: I'm here to help you make the very most out of your experience in Telluride. Whether you're brand new and looking for a safe and fun way to try out the sport or advanced and looking to tighten up your game. We can use a verity of tools and techniques to meet your personal goal.

Scott KennettScott Kennett

First Ski/Snowboard Instructing Job: Telluride.

Discipline(s): Skiing.

Certifications: Level 2 PSIA.

Favorite run: What ever run I am currently skiing. I like to have a positive mental outlook.

Other interests: Water skiing. Love ripping through the single track trails on my dirt bike. Mtn biking, Hiking, Designing and building trails, ask me about the new Bear Creek nature trail. and building houses.

Family/Pets: Super cool wife Patty and two Jack Russell Terriers Eight Ball and Beezy.

Telluride insider tip: Too many to list, you will have to ski with me to find out.

Motto: Skiing is not about how many runs you do in a day, it's about the quality of the turns and the bliss of the run.

Favorite Teaching moment: Teaching somebody how to roll on to there edges, not twist there feet and ride a perfect railroad track turn.

What I can do for your skiing/snowboarding: Too many things to list, you will have to ski with me to find out.

Favorite colors: Black and Chrome or Blond and Tan.

History in skiing: My uncle was a Captain in the 10th mtn WWll. I Skiied in 35 ski films, three tv adds. and was on the cover of ten ski mags. won 6 national championships two in freestyle and 4 in big mtn skiing, Have been  coaching and or ski instructing for over 25 years.

Shayne MarionShayne Marion

Motto: Fun and safety first then learning is easy. Simple stuff.

Other interests: I love golf, mountain biking, hiking, water skiing and will do just about anything outdoors.

First Ski/Snowboard Instructing Job: First starting teaching in 1995 at Smiggins Holes Australia. 

Certifications: APSI LEVEL 4 and CANADIAN race coach Level 2.

Favorite run: Bushwhacker on a powder day is my go to run.

What I can do for your skiing/snowboarding: After teaching more then 25 seasons I have a lot to offer on and off the snow. There is a reason this is my life. Best life in one of the worlds greatest environments.

Steve HindmanSteve Hindman

Time in Telluride: 1976-79, and winters since 2010

Insider Tip: Ski the trees on the lower lifts instead of waiting for higher lifts to open on powder mornings.

Teaching Certifications: Level 3 in Alpine, Telemark, and Cross-Country Skiing

Why Ski with Me: To discover who you need to be and what you need to do to go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

Family/Pets: Married to Hannah (and her two cats) and Opa to Marin and Ellis, my granddaughter and grandson.

Other Interests: Learning, growing, coaching executives to be human, backcountry and cross-country skiing, travel, mountain and road biking, cooking, wine, and live music.

Motto: Enjoy!

Ursula AcurioUrsula Acurio

Hometown:  Cusco – Peru

Experience: Teaching and learning in Telluride since 1996.

Motto: ”Powder days are worth the wait”

Interests: Soccer, travel, motorcycles, photography, F1 racing, gastronomy.

Summer occupation: Architecture & Interior Design

Favorite hike to terrain: Machu Picchu

Favorite concert: Rolling Stones

Favorite food: Anything with truffles

Favorite place to unwind: Maldives

Favorite languages to speak: Spanish, English & Portuguese

Greatest personal achievement: Understanding that life is better when love is present.

Best part of working in Telluride: My office. My peers. The clients I’ve met and had the privilege to ski with.

Vince BoelamaVince Boelema

First Ski/Snowboard Instructing Job: Turoa, New Zealand

Discipline(s): Ski, Snowboard, Back Country Guiding

Certifications: Alpine Level 3

Favorite run: Bear Creek

Other interests: Kite Surfing, Travel, Languages, Writing

Family/Pets: My sister and better half both teach at Telluride. It is a family passion!

Insider tip: Just ask…

Motto: Just worry about one thing: nothing.

Favorite Teaching moment: Any smile from a child on their first day

What I can do for your skiing/snowboarding: Make it easy and fun.