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TSG Closes Mountain Access due to Howitzer, and Continuing Winter Operations

TSG Closes Mountain Access due to Howitzer, and Continuing Winter Operations

TELLURIDE, Colorado (Nov. 3, 2014) -- This Friday Telluride Ski Resort will continue its winter operations with a bang, or a few. They will be shooting the Howitzer in conjunction with the US Forest Service for training and calibration purposes. In addition, the rest of winter operations are functioning in high gear. In order to uphold the highest level of safety for the public, all access to the mountain will be closed on Nov. 7 until ski season begins.

“Safety is a priority for our employees and guests,” states Jeff Proteau, VP of Mountain Operations and Planning, “There is a lot happening to prepare the mountain for ski season that can be very hazardous including high pressure hoses, snowmobile traffic, and other operational activities. Telluride Ski & Golf does not allow mountain access during this time to ensure the public’s safety.”

The Howitzer will mainly be shot into Black Iron Bowl, but has a danger zone radius of up to 2,000 feet. The explosives impose danger to a large area beyond the detonation point. There will be multiple shots for training purposes and to test the calibrations of the gun and its charges. It is imperative no one is in the area during these firings.

The Howitzer is on loan from the Department of the Army as part of the US Forest Service (USFS) Avalanche Control Program (ACP). The ski resort is authorized through the USFS to participate in this program. This year’s firings are part of a three year training cycle mandated by the Avalanche Artillery Users of North America Committee (AAUNAC) conducted in accordance with the Department of the Army.

In addition to the Howitzer live fire, mountain operation crews are hard at work preparing for winter. The risks associated with snowmaking, grooming, patrol activities, and associated snowmobile/snow-cat traffic prohibit all uphill access until Nov. 27th when the mountain officially opens for ski season. Once the mountain has officially opened, uphill access is permitted for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, uphill skinning, trail walking, and running in the Sunshine Express (Chair 10) area only. For more information please call: 970-239-7045