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Telluride, Colo. (June 28, 2018) – Telluride Ski Resort has started construction of the new Telluride Bike Park with an anticipated opening in June 2019. The park has been designed by, and is being constructed in partnership with Gravity Logic, the Whistler, British Columbia-based industry leader in the design, development and construction of bike parks in North America.

Mountain biking has become a booming global trend. Not only will this park attract more visitors and provide more opportunities and activities for them, it will help stimulate the local economy. Upon its opening in June 2019, the Telluride Bike Park will encompass approximately 15 trails and 17 miles of terrain, designed to appeal to riders and resort guests of a wide variety of ages, skill and interests. The park will also provide lift-serviced access from Mountain Village on the Village Express chairlift (Lift 4).

The terrain will include new Freeride trails (commonly known as “flow” trails), enhancements to the existing Technical trails (currently managed as the Mountain Village Bike Park), and existing Cross-Country trails within Telluride Ski Resort’s permit boundary (e.g. Prospect Trail, Prospect Loop, Village Trail, Basin Trail, etc.).

In addition, the park will offer lift service, pass sales, guides, clinics and camps from the Telluride Adventure Center in Mountain Village and pass sales location at Oak Street in Telluride.

Additional Facts & Information:                                                               

  1. Anticipated opening on the 3rd Saturday in June with daily operation through Monday Labor Day. Saturday, Sunday operations through the 2nd Sunday in October. Weather Permitting.
  2. The XC trails will open at 6:30am daily, and all access will close 30 minutes before sunset. Before 10am and after 6pm, XC trails will be accessible via the Gondola at San Sophia Station and will not require an access pass.
    • The FREERIDE and TECHNICAL trails in the Bike Park (including lift access via Village Express – Lift 4) will be open from 10am to 6pm, daily.
  3. From 10am – 6pm Telluride Ski Resort will provide the following services across the trail network:
    • Bike Patrol & Emergency Response Services
    • Pass sales in Mountain Village and at Oak Street
    • Pass scanning at Village Express and gondola mid-station
    • Lessons, instructions, and guides
  4. During operating hours from 10am to 6pm, lift access to the Mountain Bike Trail Network will require an access pass.
    • Before 10am and after 6pm the FREERIDE and TECHNICAL trails in the Bike Park are closed, but riders can access the XC trails for free.

Single-Day Trail Access Pass:

  1. Single-Day Mountain Bike Pass: single-day access to all XC, FREERIDE and TECHNICAL trails, and Village Express (Lift 4). $36/day, which includes a $1 donation to NFF.

Season Pass Access Products:

  1. TSG Winter Season Pass-holders: Unlimited Mountain Bike Trail Season Pass with access to all XC, FREERIDE and TECHNICAL trails, and Village Express (Lift 4). $25 NFF Donation.
  2. Non-Winter Season Pass-holders: Unlimited Mountain Bike Trail Season Pass with access to all XC, FREERIDE and TECHNICAL trails, and Village Express (Lift 4). $199, which includes a $25 donation to the NFF. 
  3. XC Trail Season Pass: unlimited access to XC trails, NO Bike Park, FREERIDE or TECHNICAL trail, or Village Express (Lift 4) access. $25 NFF Donation.

For more information please contact Scott Pittenger, Director of Mountain Operations at Telluride Ski Resort,



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