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Telluride Colorado

W Magazine: A Travel Guide to Telluride

By W Magazine

We love our “business-as-usual” town where you can come to escape. Escape traffic. Escape noise. Escape crowds. People come to Telluride to get away from a variety of things and are able to get into nature, embrace the fresh air, and enjoy their time away.

Part of the allure of Telluride, which transitioned from a mining town to a ski-bunny, hippie haven in the late '60s and '70s, has long been its exclusivity. It’s hard to get to, making it extremely attractive for celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and designer Ralph Lauren to buy land in this Colorado ski enclave. Celebrities won’t be bothered by paparazzi or swarming fans here—it’s almost an unspoken rule that you just go about business as usual, similar to other hotbeds for the rich and famous, even if Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes are walking down the street with Suri tagging along.

As opposed to other more glitzy ski towns around the world, Telluride is not a place to see-and-be-seen, and you can leave your outrageous fur coats and Moon Boots at home—there’s no place for them here.

As Lauren explained in an interview, “Colorado was an escape for us. It wasn’t about being in fashion. It was about a life that would be different, that would be freer—that would have nature and trees and animals and big sky.”

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