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Telluride Colorado

The Hidden Gems of Telluride

By Vogue

Telluride itself has been touted as a hidden gem by many travelers, once arriving here, there are plenty of gems to be found within. With endless activities for the outdoor enthusiast, food lover, or escapist, Telluride’s the perfect spot to embrace mountain air and even learn a bit about the history of mining and the early gold rush. Whether planning your first visit or a seasoned traveler to the area, there’s always something new to do in and around Telluride.

Telluride might be known for its famous landowners—Oprah Winfrey and Ralph Lauren among them—but this majestic ski town tucked away in a box canyon in southwestern Colorado still maintains its Old West charm. Once a mining town, and where Butch Cassidy started his bank-robbing career back in the 1890s, modern-day Telluride remains the unfussy, more casual ski-town sibling of places like Aspen or Vail. Don’t let the lack of fur coats and big-name chefs fool you—Telluride has world-class dining and lodging to match the outstanding ski terrain at Telluride Ski Resort.

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