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Telluride Colorado

The Top Reasons to Visit Telluride

Especially During the Off-Season

Telluride is one of the most picturesque towns in Colorado. With the deep box canyon surrounded by soaring peaks, walks and hikes around the area play host to forceful waterfalls and calming streams. No matter which way you walk out your door, you’re sure to be struck by nature. Here are some of the top reasons to visit Telluride during its most remote of

The People and Community are Friendly

Most of the visitors have gone home to finish up the school year and work season before summer months, and all that remains are the loyal residents that stick around for their businesses and restaurants. The people walking around town are relaxed, refreshed, and getting Telluride and the Mountain Village ready for festival season . Colorado touts one of the friendliest populations in the states and Telluride is no different.

It’s Relaxing

Off-season is a time for the town to wind down, focus on itself, and ensure businesses, restaurants, staff and residents are ready for some of the most beautiful sights of the year. With the most diverse array of festivals and events of any mountain town, Telluride’s summertime is one for the people. Whether interested in music or food, wine or art, balloons or yoga, Telluride provides something for everybody in the summer and keeps visitors coming back for more.

Experience The Weather

While most days are sunny in the state of Colorado, it’s often a blessing to have a cloudy respite roll over the peaks in the afternoon for the daily 2 pm rain showers. And what’s spring in the mountains without the rogue snowstorm? Not to frighten you away, but spring snow and thundersnow are sure to be a few things you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Getting Muddy Has Never Been More Memorable

With all of the general splendor of Telluride in any season, off-season provides a sense of spirit that can only be experienced while trudging through the mud up to a waterfall, mining ruin, or summit. And wiping the dried mud off your boots at the end of a beautiful day outside is as satisfying as you remember it during your younger years.

You'll Save A Few Bucks

With the resort between seasons and the weather working its way toward summer, this is the perfect time to escape. Let Telluride become a haven from the city and the heat, where you can drown your passions in nature and breathe the freshest air on the planet. Since it’s not high season, the hotels  that remain open are offering discounted rates and  other lodging options around town such as condos, apartments and homes won’t break the bank either. The shops and restaurants that remain open  are also offering specials to customers.

The Views Never Change

Surrounded by the highest concentration of 13,000 and 14,000 foot peaks in United States, the views are most often described by one word... AWE. While people come and go, the spectacular San Jaun Mountains around Telluride offer stunning moments 365 days a year.