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Top 3 Things Mom Really Wants This Mother’s Day

Great Ideas for the Telluride Mom

Forget the flowers and the candy this Mother’s Day. This is Telluride. Mothers in Telluride have slightly different needs than your average mom, and if you really want to woo the mother of your child, or your own mountain mama, we’ve got some pro tips for the holiday.

Here are the three things she REALLY wants on Sunday:

  1. Tools for her recreational trade .

    Women in Telluride love to recreate, so the best gift is always gear. Whether it’s a bike tune, a new pair of trail running shoes, or a punch card for yoga class or the pool at the Peaks, gear is the gift that keeps on giving because moms that get to go out and play always come home happy. And even though moms that get to exercise and spend time doing their favorite sports and activities ultimately feel good, sometimes they feel guilty spending time and money on themselves instead of their kids or their husbands, so gear is like a hall pass that says go for it , take that bike ride or that Pilates class.
  2. Professional cleaning and organizing help.

    Seriously, this is the single biggest thing on any mom’s wish list, and in Telluride, there are options that don’t involve you helping by squatting down and rearranging cupboards or drawers or that one really messy closet. Call in the professionals. Ajax Cleaning is available anytime, anywhere, along with a number of local housekeepers to give Mom the day off. There is also a private service called Organize, and owner Kate Frerichs comes to your home and sorts through the chaos to give you the one thing you always need more of: time. Time to spend doing more enjoyable things like playing outside with the kids, hanging out with friends, or shopping for more stuff to put in the closet. “Our lives are busy enough,” says Frerichs, who is also a property manager. “Having someone to help you deal with everything and bring order to your spaces is a godsend.”
  3. Mommy makeover.

    Just because Telluride women are strong or outdoorsy doesn’t mean they don’t like a little pampering, a little glamor. And what’s the hottest treatment in town? Eyelashes at Studio G, across from the library on Pacific Street. They are mommy’s little secret, natural-looking but gorgeous, and best of all, you don’t need to wear mascara for a month, so it takes that much less time to get ready in the morning. Studio G has all kinds of appointments, from head to toe, facials to pedicures, but the lashes are a huge hit, especially with busy moms who don’t want to look tired. “The lashes are so hot right now, we had to add another lash tech,” says Ginger Medrick, the spa owner. “It’s like a facelift. They look really beautiful.”

    Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms in Telluride and beyond.