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Telluride Colorado

Telluride Ski Resort Tips & Tricks

Trust The Best

Trust the best. Our pros share their expertise on what you should always keep in mind as you hit the slopes for the first time or on a return visit.

Take a lesson

“Seriously though. Go with a pro for at least a day. Breaking into the next level of skiing can be difficult without direction. One day with us will give you some ideas to focus on that will allow you to explore more of the mountain.” —Lindsey Mersereau

“Take a lesson from a pro at the beginning of your ski holiday so you can use the information and exercises during your vacation.” —Larry Hopkins

Know your limitations

“For beginning skiers: Don’t ‘over-terrain’ yourself by getting on terrain that is too steep for your skills. Keep it on the greens and always stay in control.”—Lindsey Mersereau

“Ski with someone who inspires you to push your limits a little bit more every day and be kind to yourself as progress is a process, not an overnight job.” —Sem Walls

“Stay on mellow terrain until you can relax and dance with gravity as you use your feet to make the skis do what you want them to do.”—Steve Hindman

Be confident

“I think we learn best when we are in an environment that allows us to be focused and to feel confident. My job is to patiently encourage you to push yourself to strive to get better. And then let’s make sure that we don’t forget to laugh!” —Andre Koslowski

It’s all about the feet

“Start all ski movements with your feet. This creates a beneficial postural response! Make sure your boots fit correctly (that is what is going to transmit all of your body movements to your skis).” —Richard Thorpe

“Invest in your own boots so that your thoughts translate directly into action, and remember you must tip those feet downhill to flatten your skis to the slope before you do anything to turn. In other words, learn to let go over and over in each and every turn. Breath and rhythm will take you farther than any particular technique.”—Steve Hindman

“Stand on your outside ski and stay forward.” —Michael Kerr

“For snowboarders: Use front foot steering to initiate your turns. Your front foot leads you down the hill and will give you the most control.” —Lindsey Mersereau

Embrace your fear

“Fear is part of the sport for almost everybody. The trick is to work on your skills before you add in terrain that scares you. Stay where you are comfortable and work on your technique. When you think you’ve got it, challenge yourself with the next baby step. Our terrain is so special in that it gets incrementally harder at just the right pitch. Skiing with fear doesn’t help you smile, and that to me is what the sport is all about, that big grin from ear-to-ear that you can’t help but have because you get to slide down a mountain.” —Katie McHugh

Most importantly, have fun!

“Have fun! Find success in everything you do; each movement pattern that you make is one step closer to becoming the skier you want to be.” —Jason Stachurski

“Work hard on the fundamentals of your skiing skills. Being well-balanced and standing well on the ski sets you up for success and will create a platform for rapid progression. It’s like building a house—get the foundation right and the rest will follow.” —Peter Steiner

Don’t forget skiing’s golden rule...

“The downhill skier has the right of way, no matter what.” —Larry Hopkins

Learn more about our Ski School including our Specialty Camps on our website . Haven't booked your trip to Telluride yet? The Peaks Resort and Spa is ski-in ski-out as well as a short walk from the gondola. Visit our trip planning page and events calendar for all you need to know about Telluride.