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Golf course improvements, Dale Abraham named to top 100 teachers

This summer Telluride’s mountain golf course has gotten even better. Telluride Golf Club made some major upgrades to the links this summer — a brand new practice facility, expanded the driving range by 130 yards, widened the tee boxes from 15 square feet to 50 square feet, and added new short greens, chipping greens, and a bunker. And the golfing has never been better.

Just ask Dale Abraham, Telluride’s golf pro. Abraham was named to Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America this summer, a huge accolade. There are more than 25,000 professional golf instructors, and Abraham was recognized for his talents. “It’s truly a privilege,” said Abraham. “It’s one of the most prestigious awards in the entire industry. It’s an amazing honor.”

Abraham has been golfing since he was 17, and started teaching in 1996. He estimates that he’s taught more than 35,000 lessons during that time. He played golf in college, and was a three-time All American. Abraham had a short stint as a pro, but after he was injured, he got into teaching — and he is a passionate and dedicated instructor. “I like the interaction with people. I enjoy helping people get better, and seeing the enjoyment that they get out of improving. It’s a very rewarding part of the job.”

Abraham says he doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. “Golfers are like snowflakes, all different. It’s like a puzzle, where you find the root cause of a problem and fix it. Everybody learns in a different way. My philosophy is that people are individuals; I fit their swing to what they can do. I fit the teaching to the individual. I have six different certificates in biomechanics, and I love teaching people how to overcome different obstacles…finding what their best swing is going to look like. With minor adjustments, you can make major gains.”

He also loves spending summers here, on this course. With his long career, he’s played in a lot of places, but he insists that Telluride is special. “It’s one of the most beautiful mountain golf courses you’ll ever play. The altitude, and the vistas are so scenic and amazing. . The service and staff is great. Overall the experience is unique in the mountains.”

Abraham insists that there isn’t a single piece of advice he can give to all golf enthusiasts — a lot of people may slice, but there can be a dozen reasons why, he says. But golf is as much a chess-match type of mental challenge as a physical one, so he says that it’s important to keep your head in the game. And that means remembering to have fun. “Attitude is everything. If you have a good attitude it makes for such a better experience.”

Telluride Golf Club is open through Sunday October 1st this fall, so be sure to make your tee time soon. Only a few weeks remain before we start to shift to winter when the expanded practice facility at the golf club will be transformed into a new 15-acre learn-to-ski complex. Fall or winter, now is the time to book your travel to Telluride. Visit our trip planning guide and events calendar to help with your vacation planning.