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Telluride Colorado

Taking Telluride To New Heights

The Annual Telluride Balloon Festival Is Back

Festival season continues with beautiful colors flying high in the sky as the Balloon Festival hits town Friday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 5th. Yet another completely free festival to attend here in beautiful Telluride, the balloon festival brings a unique view to a truly stunning landscape. 2016 marks the 33rd year of the Telluride Balloon Festival and it’s guaranteed to be nothing short of stunning.

Events kick off on Friday with the static display of the balloons with the help of the students at Telluride Intermediate School.  A great time to take a look at the balloons, check out the stunning views of Telluride, and enjoy the beautiful weather before the consecutive launch days over the weekend.

With takeoff on both Saturday and Sunday around sunrise between 6:45 and 7 am, if you’re looking to catch a ride and oggle Telluride from hundreds of feet in the air, head to Town Park around 6 am to help the pilots and their teams get their balloons inflated. Saturday, around 1 pm downstairs at Christ Presbyterian Church, you can attend a photography workshop led by Paul D. deBergeois and learn how to take beautiful photos of the hot air balloons, even if you’re shooting with your smart phone. Saturday evening, after the high flying festivities have come to a close, visitors can venture downtown to see the Telluride Balloon Festival “Glow” event at sunset. The balloons will line Main Street Telluride and inflate to light up all of town.

Enjoy the views, weather, food, and company as the 33rd Annual Telluride Balloon Festival takes flight. Is this the first you’re hearing of the historic Balloon Festival? Well book your trip to the box canyon today to experience all that Telluride has to offer and see the beautiful sights in the sky while you’re here. Check out our trip planning guide while you’re at it and see the many options for getting here and lodging while you’re staying here.