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Telluride Colorado

Phoenix Magazine Features Telluride as a Premier Ski Destination

In the January 2016 issue of Phoenix Magazine, writer Craig Outhier makes a call for Arizonans to adopt Telluride as their “forever ski home.” In addition to detailing Telluride’s culinary scene at restaurants such as the Cosmopolitan , and the premier skiing available for all levels, Outhier also features a variety of other activities available to visitors, such as fat biking tours to Telluride Brewing Company, snowmobile adventures and more.

"It's on my second night in Telluride, alone in a freezing gondola carriage, poised high above a silent menagerie of town lights so tranquil and perfect it seems like the lead-in to a Frank Capra movie, that the notion first occurs to me: We should adopt this place.

Not adopt in the legal sense, obviously, but claim on principle – the way we’ve claimed Rocky Point as 'Arizona’s beach town.' Telluride could be 'Arizona’s ski resort.'"  – Craig Outhier

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