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Telluride Colorado

The Drinker’s Guide to Telluride

By Paste Magazine

There are many things that make Telluride a truly special destination, but the food and libations are not to be overlooked. Whether dining at Alpino Vino, the highest elevation wine bar in North America, or stopping into the historic Town of Telluride for a bite to eat, you’ll be quick to notice what it takes to cook, bake, and pour at elevation.

[The elevation] is important to remember when visiting Telluride, a snow globe-perfect Colorado mining town that measures six blocks wide and 12 blocks long, all of it nestled into a picturesque box canyon. The town sits at 8,750 feet, and its eponymous ski resort tops out at 13,150 feet, making it one of the highest-elevation winter-ready locales in the country. Come from sea level, and you’ll feel the effects of the high altitude almost instantly. One flight of stairs at 8,750 feet will leave even the most in-shape person winded.

Other than the cliff-exposed high-elevation terrain, this might be the only tricky part about visiting Telluride (save the potential for weather to stymy your efforts to reach the resort in the first place). But once you arrive, it’s easy to get to some of the area’s best drinking establishments, whether you choose to ride the free gondola from the base of Telluride Ski Resort, which hops over a ridgeline before plunging down to Main Street, or hop on a fat tire snow bike tour that ends at the city’s award-winning brewery.

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