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Telluride Colorado

Telluride's Inaugural Wellness Symposium

March 20th to the 22nd

Why do certain populations live longer and healthier lives? How much exercise do we really need? What are the risks and rewards of supplements, including multivitamins? Should women be getting regular mammograms and what are the alternatives for breast cancer screening on the horizon?

These and other important health-related questions around the subjects of longevity, micro-nutrients, common medical disorders, and nutrition will be addressed at a Wellness Symposium that promises to reveal findings, not opinions, from evidence-based medical research. The three days of seminars mark the launch of a series that will continue this summer in Telluride.

The conference targeting medical professionals and the general public features Drs. Alan Safdi, one of the most popular speakers at the Telluride First Foundation’s Integrative Wellness Summit, whose column, To Your Health, appears regularly on Telluride Inside… and Out ; and William Renner, a radiologist and internationally renowned speaker.

The  Wellness Summit takes place at The   Peaks Resort & Spa  in   Mountain Village on March 20–22, from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.  Attendance at the symposium is accredited for 18 Hours CME AMA Category 1. Tuition for physicians is $495; for PAs, NPs, Nurses, and the general public: $195. For more information, call 866-931-3199 or  visit

To preview what’s in store at the Symposium, listen to the podcast with Dr. Alan Safdi.

More about Dr. Alan Safdi:

Alan V. Safdi M.D., FACG is the Chairman of The Ohio Gastroenterology and Liver Institute. He is also the President of the Consultants for Clinical Research and has been the primary investigator for over 160 medical studies and a sub-investigator in over 450 studies. Safdi was past Chairman of the department of Gastroenterology at the Deaconess Hospital and past President of the Ohio Gastroenterology Society. He has lectured internationally and across the United States on health and wellness including guest lectures at Cornell University and in Telluride, Colorado at a three day Wellness Conference including speakers Deepak Chopra and Colin Campbell. He is also Past Chairman, Crohn's and Colitis Medical Advisory Committee, Cincinnati. Dr. Safdi has been to Cuba and studied in the Cuban Medical System.

More about Dr. William Renner:

William R Renner, M.D. is an internationally known speaker and former Director of Proscan MR fellowship program and Volunteer Lecturer at the Department of Radiology, University of Louisville. Dr. Renner is the Director of Radiology and Radiology Research at the Ohio GI and Liver Institute.