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Telluride Colorado

Get Your Kids Active and Engaged in 15 Minutes

Lucky Enough Telluride: Family Time

Ah, children. You know, those cute little bundles of happiness, good manners and politeness.

If there are any parents reading this, I’d assume some eyes have been rolled.

Let’s face it, kids can go from little angels to tiny hellions in the tick of a New York minute. Every parent needs a trick, a prop or a go-to “get out of parent purgatory” tactic when a child’s attitude goes south. Here’s three parental sanity-savers that can be used if your kido needs an attitude adjustment. Best of all, you can do all of these in 15 minutes or less.

Put ‘Em On Ice

Mountain Village has a beautiful ice skating rink in the heart of the pedestrian village. Located adjacent to the Madeline Hotel, the ice rink is open throughout the day and evening. Ice skate rentals are available for kids and adults. Plus, the rink has “walkers” so children new to skating have a hand-hold which allows them to skate and use their hands to keep them upright.


In a hotel room, a pillow fight can quickly turn to a tantrum. If the feathers begin to fly, grab the kids and head to downtown Telluride. For a few dollars, you can grab a hot chocolate, walk the streets while sipping on the go-to magic elixir for kids. We suggest the Coffee Cowboy. They have a trailer on Colorado Avenue for fast, hot chocolate relief.

In the Trees

If your kid gets bored of groomers, lessons or bunny hills, consider getting them into the Telluride wilds. The Enchanted Forest is a kid-friendly tree run. Children can ski between the widely-spaced trees on a very gentle slope. They’ll duck and dodge through the trees in a new adventure perfect for a child who are up for a bit of adventure. Getting to the Enchanted Forest is easy. Head up Lift 10, and exit the lift to the right. The Enchanted Forest sign will be to the skiers’ right, with easy access to the Double Cabin beginner slope if Enchanted Forest isn’t of your liking.