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Telluride Colorado

National Synchro Ski Championships Kick-Off On February 4th

Telluride to host three-part event for the first time

Synchronized skiing is definitely a unique and difficult sport and a pastime that hones in on the concept that practice makes perfect. Started in Telluride in 2001, the Ghostriders initially came together with a mission. Their goal was, and still is, to support children in Telluride and surrounding areas by giving them the opportunity to participate in snow sports with financial and coaching support. The Ghostriders, made up of volunteers, competed in Aspen to raise money, raising money for local kids to pay for ski clothes and ski school programs and to promote healthy active lifestyles. After their first year was a success, their visits to Aspen became an annual tradition. After more than two decades of competing, the Ghostriders won their first World Championships in Aspen last April. With a big win fresh in their minds, the Ghostriders are looking forward to competing in another National Championship this year on their home turf.

The Synchro Championship Event will consist of three parts tomorrow, Saturday February 4th. The synchro skiing portion of the competition consists of six or eight person teams performing their routines through multiple runs. As always, there are basic components that each team must complete including required formations. Competitors will be judged on synchronicity of the team, individual technical skiing, overall appeal, and degree of difficulty. The team as a whole will receive a score though individual performances will be judged and scored as well. 

The second portion will consist of head-to-head Giant Slalom racing, based on speed and performance, and the third portion is an individual mogul competition.

“Seeing teams compete at the highest level in this competition is truly impressive to watch – each individual has difficult counts and maneuvers to learn and all teammates must put the perfect run together to win,” said Mark MacDonald, 3-time Australian National Demo Team Member. “Add in the individual events of Giant Slalom and Mogul Skiing, and this event truly highlights some of the most technical skiers in the world.”

The Telluride Ghostriders will compete in this year’s National Synchro Ski Championships on their home turf here in Telluride having beat out teams from Canada, Argentina, Germany and the United States to win the 2016 World Synchro Ski Championships in April.  As ambassadors for Telluride Ski Resort, the Ghostriders will be a crowd favorite going into the event, but will face stiff competition from teams across the country.

“The Ghostriders are excited to participate in the National Synchro Ski Championships on our home mountain,” said Ghostriders team member, Georgie Chapman. “We’re so passionate about the sport of synchro skiing, and it’s an honor to compete against the world’s best teams.”

Be sure to come out this Saturday, February 4th to watch the exciting competition. “We’re looking forward to welcoming the competing synchro teams to Telluride this weekend,” said Noah Sheedy, director of the Telluride Ski & Snowboard School. “Saturday’s schedule is packed with events around the mountain.”

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