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Telluride Colorado

Mountain Ops Preps for Safer Avalanche Mitigation

Team Installs Tram on Gold Hill to Safely Determine Snow Stability

As a resort, the safety of our guests and our employees is extremely important. Recently the mountain operations team recently installed a safer method for ski patrol to conduct avalanche mitigation on Gold Hill by installing a tram to carry and drop explosives in a safe and efficient manner.

The tram works like this - a patroller attaches an explosive with a 2 ½ pound charge and a 2 ½ minute fuse on one end and sticks it into a carrier, cranking the carrier to a point above where they want to cause an air blast. The air blast provides another avalanche mitigation tool for patrol where other methods of mitigation would not work. The tram creates a safer environment for patrollers to work by placing them in an area above the potential hazard as opposed to in the hazard, and also expedites mitigation work.

When mountain operations installed the tram recently, it took a team of several people install with a helicopter lifting the tram posts into place. Check out the photos of the tram install below.