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Telluride Colorado

Making Friends With Moguls

Telluride Ski School's Specialty Camps

Long-time Telluride local, Ed Roufa, wanted to perfect his bump skiing last season, so he signed up for Telluride’s Ski School’s Making Friends with Moguls camp. He shared his experience with us.

How did you find out about the “Making Friends with Moguls” camp?

“I heard people talking about it around town, but ultimately I ended up coming across the details on the Telluride Ski Resort website.”

Why did you choose this camp?

“Although I’ve taught skiing in the past and learned to make and teach the perfect ski instructor carve turn, I could never bring it to the bumps. Bumps always escaped me here in Telluride and I always wanted to get better at them. Like in the Wizard of Oz, I was the Lion looking for courage, and this camp helped me find that.”

How did you sign up?

“I signed up for camp using the website. It was really easy to do.”

What did you expect from the camp?

“I was hoping to gain knowledge on additional ways to negotiate more adverse terrain, including the bumps, with more confidence. After taking this camp, and learning how to soften my edges and when to actually start my turns, I was able to jump into terrain I’ve never really skied before and have been able to apply what I learned outside of the bumps too. It’s helped me with skiing crud, staying balanced, you name it.”

Did the instructors meet your expectations?


What was the format?

“It was a two day camp that mainly consisted of skiing, which was excellent. We walked through drills, Tasks x demonstrations, and then would move into skiing. By the second day, we took it into the trees and I was able to confidently ski Log Pile from start to finish, which I hadn’t been able to do before.”

Was there enough time for practice and feedback on you improvements?

“More than enough time. Richard, my instructor, was with us the entire time and the camp also included video analysis, which was very helpful to see. Being able to start and stop the video to pick apart very small features of your skiing was so helpful.”

What was the best take away?

“The combination of learning when to actually commence a turn as well as the ability to use a soft edge, feather your edges and drift, instead of skiing a hard edge. This keeps speed under control. This combination really turned on a big light bulb for me and improved my skiing.”

Would you recommend the camp to others?

“Yes, definitely. I had a grin on my face the entire time.”

Tell us a little about your skiing background.

“I came to Telluride as a real beginner/ intermediate skier in 1980 and slowly improved my performance.”

Did this camp expand your understanding of moguls and increase the fun level of your skiing on more difficult runs?

“Absolutely. That was the motivation behind me taking this and I have no regrets. I got exactly what I wanted out of it.”

How many students to each instructor?

“The camp is incredibly manageable and was divided into two groups with no more than 5 participants per instructor. Really felt like I was getting one on one instruction.”

Would you take the camp again?

“Yes, definitely. I’m actually considering taking it again this year!”

For more information about specialty camps and to sign up for one this 2017-2018 ski season, visit our ski school website.