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Telluride Colorado

Leadership Development Series Elevates Telluride

A New Perspective on The Rise to the Top

The world is changing on a daily basis, innovating, growing, and moving. Global leadership requires innovation in order to stay at the forefront of the innovation wave. Today’s top leaders stay relevant and strong by being open to new and better ways of doing the things we do every day, excelling while continuing to forge the skills necessary to meet tomorrow’s challenges. 

The  provides the perfect environment and content to prepare and equip progressive leaders in any field to navigate today’s constantly and quickly shifting organizational terrain. The workshops will challenge participants and teams to reach the next level on their personal ascent to the summit by developing the skills necessary to drive innovation while also equipping them to meet the challenges of today’s global economy. No matter your field, interests, or skills that need development, this series will provide you with new insight and skills to perpetuate and augment your growth in your workplace and industry overall. 

With three sessions remaining in 2016 and three already planned for 2017, take the time to invest in yourself and your team, and join us for a weekend in one of the most inspiring places in the world: Telluride. 

The People Code: Interpersonal Skills for Effective Leadership & Team Engagement 
Successful leadership is rooted in your ability to connect well with others. Developed by Dr. Taylor Hartman, The People Code provides a clear, easily applied approach to understanding the unique complexities of human behavior. 

Also known as The Color Code, The People Code will unlock your ability to better understand yourself, motivate your team and communicate with others by identifying what we do and why we do it. You’ll gain the tools you need to feel more fulfilled in your own roles while you create greater reward for your partners, your teams, and your customers. The result: more powerful and effective interpersonal engagements. Learn more and register today before the session fills up. 

Strategic Leadership: Leveraging Strengths for Results
Developed by Dr. Donald O. Clifton, the StrengthsFinder philosophy is designed to help individuals discover, develop and leverage their most natural and powerful talents. 

According to Gallup studies, “People who focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. They are more productive and they are three times as likely to say they have an excellent quality of life.” A leader’s ability to harness the strengths of the team can accelerate productivity and provide a more fulfilling work environment, improving team engagement. 

Discover your strengths and learn to use these innate traits and abilities to excel at work, relate well with others, and achieve your personal and professional goals. Learn more and secure your spot today.

Leadership Skills For Technical Professionals & Emergent Leaders
Great technical performers are often promoted into leadership positions without the benefit of the soft skills needed to help them successfully manage others. This is quickly revealed and in many situations causes crisis, including losing valuable team members as a result of the absence of good leadership. This is a distraction to production and a waste of valuable resources. In today’s increasingly competitive markets, these soft skills are becoming a commodity. 

New challenges include basic interpersonal skills, good communication, managing former teammates, establishing trust, leveraging talent, performance management, meeting and time management, developing talent and more. 

This workshop is designed to equip you with the successful leadership skills that will make you a well-balanced and productive leader. Learn more about this session and sign up early, direct flights from major hubs into Telluride/Montrose airport begin in November.  

CEO Bootcamp: The Successful Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs drive our economy. Launching and managing a new company requires a special talent and skill set. Studies report that highly talented entrepreneurs are three times more likely to build large businesses and grow them significantly, four times more likely to create jobs and to exceed profit goals, and five times more likely to exceed sales goals. 

This entrepreneur training workshop is designed to help you develop a skill set that will equip you to successfully navigate the seasons of a startup and transition from launching to managing and growing. We will discuss the key elements and disciplines that can help you successfully launch and manage your startup through the early phases, building sustaining infrastructure along the way.  Check out what’s in store  and  sign up  with plenty of time to book your stay. 

Leadership: No Shortcuts to the Summit
Many people want the title of leader. Becoming a leader requires a genuine commitment to continuous improvement and a desire to positively affect the world around you. Leadership is a “roll up your sleeves” dedication that demands a lot of us as individuals. Like preparing to make the summit, there are no short cuts to gaining the wisdom that increases our confidence and influence as leaders. Yet today’s markets demand that we are more agile and accelerated, requiring leaders to network and collaborate to drive success. 

This leadership training summit is designed to help you merge the wisdom of your own experiences with time-tested leadership principles that will increase your “whole person” influence and effectiveness. We will invest time in considering and navigating some real life issues and gain deeper lessons from the benefit of the collective experience of the group. Learn more about this session and invest in your ascent to the summit today. 

Breaking the Glass: The Women’s Leadership Experience
It can be lonely at the top, and even more so if you are a woman. 

According to recent studies less than 5% of the nation’s top 500 companies have female CEOs, which can mean less access to strong female mentors in executive positions. 

The good news is that Fortune 500 companies that have women on their boards have experienced the financial rewards for doing so, creating an increased demand for strong female leaders. You do not need to walk like a man to be successful in today’s global marketplace because more and more companies are realizing that women bring a unique perspective to the table and that beyond gender, true diversity contributes to a more robust strategy. 

This workshop has been designed to help you discover and embrace your unique leadership style, become more confident in your individual value contribution and create your path to success. Learn more and strengthen your skills as a woman in the workplace.

No matter your present role, it’s always a good time to invest in your growth and skills in order to continue advancing your position in your workplace. Leadership development is an integral part of advancing and there’s no place more inspiring than Telluride to increase motivation, learn crucial skills, and augment your personal growth or your team’s development. Considering how you might get to Telluride? Register for the Telluride Leadership Development Series then check out our trip planning guide to determine how best to arrive to invest in your future.