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Telluride Colorado

Spring Skiing Tune-Up in Men’s Fitness

Ski Technique and the Human Body

Recently, Men’s Fitness spoke with Dr. Kim Hewson, an orthopedic surgeon by trade and ski instructor on staff at the Telluride Ski & Snowboard School. Dr. Hewson has developed a method of teaching skiing that focuses on biomechanics, helping people ski more efficiently, which leads to skiing longer and lessening the chance of injury.

As Dr. Hewson says in the article, “People often measure skills on the slopes in hours spent on the snow,” he explains. “But if you don’t understand the nuances of how the human body works, all those hours don’t mean that much.”

Read more about Dr. Hewson’s tips for focusing on biomechanics while skiing, and keep checking our Ski and Snowboard School page for dates of the next biomechanics camp .

Read the entire article: “Stack Your Skeleton: Spring Skiing Tune-Up” in Men’s Fitness.