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Telluride Colorado

World’s Best Ski Resorts: Telluride Wows With Charm, Scenery and Great Skiing

By Forbes

As a destination, Telluride is one in a million. When struggling with the thought of Telluride being "hard to get to," consider the direct flights  to nearby Montrose (MTJ) from ten major hubs including Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. Consider the beautiful drive from anywhere in the country as you reach the rugged San Juan range and pass through many a charming town along the way. Either way, your journey ends in a Box Canyon. A place without a highway, without a traffic light, and where commutes take place in a gondola or by foot rather than behind the wheel. 

When it’s time to pick a ski vacation destination, there are tons of choices, and the industry’s big names immediately leap to mind: Vail, Jackson Hole, Park City, Aspen, Whistler, and so on. They all have great facilities, but Colorado’s Telluride often gets overlooked in this discussion. That’s a huge mistake: not only is it worthy of consideration, I could make a compelling argument that it is the single best ski vacation choice in the country. But no matter how you slice it, it’s near the top, with lots of strengths and very few weaknesses. In fact, in its 2016-2017 reader’s poll, industry leading publication Ski Magazine ranked it North America’s Best for Overall Satisfaction, and what do we want from our vacations if not the most Satisfaction? It also ranked Number One for both Scenery and Character.

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