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Telluride Colorado

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Tips for The Weekend and Any Festival Really

It’s festival season in Telluride, so here’s the primer everyone needs: What to pack before you head through the gates. Music festivals here start early in the day and go late into the night, so preparation is key to your success. Here are the key elements for survival—you may not need all of them, but if you do, you’ll be glad you stuffed them into your backpack.

  • Sunblock and all-weather gear . It doesn’t really matter what the weather forecast is, these are the mountains, and they are unpredictable. You might need a sun hat one hour, and be pelted by rain, hail, or even snow the next. And it might happen in the middle of a music set you just can’t miss, like Pearl Jam, so always pack a warm, waterproof layer.
  • Footwear. They call it “festival feet,” when your flip flops or sandals fail to keep out the dirt, but at some point when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, you’re going to want to squeeze those dirty feet into some clean socks and shoes or boots. Boots are always a good idea, especially in inclement weather or crowds of frenzied, dancing people.
  • Tarp, chair, flag. You’re going to need a tarp to hang out on (during the day), and a chair to sit in on the tarp. Even the most prolific dancers need to sit it out once in a while. And the flag? Imagine a sea of blue tarps spread across the entire park, and only one of them has your chair and your friends on it. If you’ve got some kind of colorful flag, you’ll be able to locate your people and enjoy the show with friends.
  • Water bottle. Save your money to buy beer, wine, or lemonade, but bring a refillable water bottle and make sure you use it. Hydrating at altitude is extremely important, especially if you’re drinking. Drinking enough water can mean the difference between a good time and a hard time.
  • Toys. Pack whatever toy brings you joy—hula hoops, hacky sacks, squirt guns, beach balls—our festivals are held in Town Park, and there are lots of opportunities to play and make friends. Just remember, frisbees and glow sticks are not allowed at RIDE Festival this weekend. 

It probably goes without saying, because these days everyone has a camera in their phone, but it’s also important to bring a camera . The summer festivals make some of the best memories, and you’ll be glad that you captured these precious moments. Enjoy the Ride!