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Telluride Colorado

How Telluride Taught Me To Love Skiing

By Afar

When a “first-time-never-ever” (as we like to call those who have never stepped ski on a mountain) comes to Telluride, there’s no going back. Whether beginner or expert, Telluride offers terrain that any skier or snowboarder will enjoy and dining options to compliment any food preference to boot. The charm of the town, smell of the air, and feeling of flight that takes over your soul when on the mountain, will keep any person coming back for more. But don’t take our word for it:

Despite my certainty that I would never like snow, I found the local enthusiasm for skiing infectious from the moment I boarded the cramped flight from Denver International to Montrose airport (one of the four airports serving Telluride). David and Doris in seats 16 B and C called it the most beautiful place on earth. “The great thing about Telluride,” David assured me, “is that it’s not just for experts. They have double greens and double blues . . . everything. No matter what your level, you can find something on that mountain.”

Learn more about Maggie Fuller’s experience here in Telluride in Afar’s “How Telluride Taught Me To Love Skiing: A sun-seeking Californian discovers a whole new world of adventure travel in the snow.”