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7 Tips for Finding the Best Ski Vacation Deals from Trip Advisor

If you’re planning on traveling this winter, chances are your vacation planning is in full swing. TripAdvisor recently wrote a piece on how to find the best deals in Ski Country this winter. Here are some of their tips:

·         Look for early season/late season deals and discounts – even though some of the biggest discounts were available in August (plan for next year!), you can still find great deals out there. Keep checking our Ski and Stay Packages page for the best options for you, and lock in your rates by November 20 th for the best deal.

·         Book your trip during non-peak times – Wendy from TripAdvisor recommends traveling in early January, something we agree with. But throughout the season, you can find some of the best deals if you travel Sunday through Thursday. And while we generally boast uncrowded slopes and lift lines, mid-week practically guarantees you’ll have at least a few runs to yourself.

For more of TripAdvisor’s tips for finding the best deals for a ski vacation, check out their article here