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Telluride Colorado

Top 5 Reasons To Get Married In Telluride

Destination Weddings in the Mountains

Telluride has become one of the premier destinations to host a wedding for many reasons. Here are the top five reasons people are picking Telluride as the starting point for their journey together:

1. The Backdrop

Wedding photos are something for a bride and groom to treasure, and the scenic beauty of Telluride is the ultimate background for picture-perfect shots. Slender aspen trees, towering mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls and alpine sunsets provide a stunning setting. Robin Wolff is the managing director of weddings and events at Telluride Ski & Golf Resort, and she says that a lot of the wedding parties select this place because they’ve seen such incredible photos on social media of other marriage celebrations. “Half of the people book these venues sight unseen,” says Wolff. “They pick Telluride because they see these gorgeous photos with the spectacular backdrops. They see it, and they have to have it.”

2. Transportation

The most popular mode of transportation to and from wedding ceremonies in Telluride is the free Gondola. The views from the glass-encased Gondola cars are stunning, and the aerial rides are so special that some couples have even used them for the actual ceremony.

Also, there are lots of other ways to shuttle guests and wedding parties to the event, especially with Winter weddings. Guests are driven to Alpino Vino, the magical, luxury restaurant atop the Gold Hill ridgeline, aboard snowcats that crawl up the snowy slopes. There are also many ceremonies held at the Gorrono Ranch mid-way up the mountain, and Wolff says that last March a whole party of groomsmen showed up to the wedding on skis.

3. Gathering the guests

In Telluride — the whole town is so intimate that it’s easy to gather for a lunch before, get in a quick hike or breakfast the following day, or meet up at one of the local bars for a nightcap after the wedding. No matter where all of your friends and family are staying, you won’t need to drive anywhere to catch up with them. Everyone is close together. “Our location in this little mountain town makes Telluride an intimate experience for guests and wedding parties,” says Wolff. “What we recommend is that people fly in and take the shuttle. Don’t bring a car. You don’t want to worry about a car and not use it all week, and the free Gondola connects everyone.”

4. Indoor and outdoor venues

Whether you want to host the wedding indoors, outdoors, or a little of both, there are perfect venues here. Wolff lists a few of the options: “We have the San Sophia Overlook on top of the ridgeline, with 360-degree views of the Wilson Range, the Box Canyon, and down the San Miguel River Valley — that’s one of our premier outdoor locations. The Gorrono Ranch is the quintessential rustic Western setting, with its outdoor deck and mountain landscapes, and cozy indoor seating and dining facilities. Allred’s Restaurant is a luxurious mountain site, with fine dining and tall windows that look out onto the San Sophia mountain range. And the Peaks Resort is also a longtime favorite; it has just been renovated in a contemporary mountain style and its spacious and gorgeous.

5. Not just a wedding, but also a vacation

Wolff says that one of the most common reasons that people select Telluride for their wedding is that it turns into a vacation for their guests and wedding parties. “Often times people want to get married in Telluride because they want their friends to come and make a vacation of it, spend a week. They want to bring their friends and family and introduce them to all there is to do here, whether it’s horseback riding, snowmobiling, fly fishing, skiing, golfing, jeeping, hiking, biking, or checking out some of the amazing restaurants we have.”

Guests that make the trip here are treated to a whole vacation experience, rather than just the hustle and bustle of a wedding ceremony. It’s a place to explore and enjoy. “Brides tell me that they have guests thanking them for years afterward,” says Wolff. “They are so happy to discover Telluride and they can’t wait to come back.”

Whatever your reason is for choosing Telluride as your wedding destination, you will be creating an extraordinary memory not just for the happy couple, but also for all of the people who come to celebrate your special day.

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