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5 Tips for Valentine’s Day in Telluride

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the nation, but if you’re in Telluride for this holiday, you don’t have to do the flowers-cards-chocolate routine. There are lots of options for romance here that are unique and special. Here are some tips for what you can do to woo your sweetheart this weekend:

1. Black Diamonds are a girl’s (and guy’s) best friend: 

​Instead of spending money on jewelry this Valentine’s Day, spend some time with your significant other instead. Ski dates are the best dates—some quality chairlift time and a little fresh air can do wonders for a relationship. Take them up to the top of the mountain and bring a romantic picnic to the deck on Revelation Bowl, or make a stop at Alpino Vino for some wine and food.

2. Spell out your love: 

Maybe your partner prefers snowshoeing or Nordic skiing to black diamonds. You can still win the romance game by stealing this play from a local Romeo: he spelled out a marriage proposal in the snow for his girlfriend. If you’re not ready to commit or have already taken the plunge, just spell out “I love you” or trample a heart shape into the snow, and venture out cross country skiing or snowshoeing to surprise them with your design. Just don’t carve your initials into an aspen tree—snow melts, romances come and go, but scars on a tree are permanent.

3. Soak it all in: 

Nothing says “I love you” more than some professional pampering, so check out the Peaks Spa for some relaxing me-and-you time. Lounge around in robes, drink champagne, or maybe get a couples massage. The Peaks Resort & Spa has indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a pool, and a sauna, which are the only kinds of hot water you want to get yourself into with your partner.

4. Ice is nice: 

There are lots of options for ice skating in Telluride—outdoor ponds and rinks and even a covered rink, with skate rentals available. The most romantic thing about ice skating? You get to hold hands. You don’t have to be a figure skating champion or a hockey star to enjoy some ice time, but if you are, this is a good way to show off your hidden talents and impress your partner with a spin or a hockey stop.

5. Starry, starry nights: 

The only thing that rivals a sunlit view of the majestic mountains in Telluride is the sky at night—the view from 9-10,000 feet above sea level is breathtaking, the Milky Way and thousands of stars twinkling above. So take a stroll after dinner, or ride the gondola for a bird’s eye view, and do some romantic stargazing at altitude.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, on the slopes, in the snow, at the spa, in your skates, or under the stars, Telluride is the best place to show your love. Happy Valentine’s Day…