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5 Tips for Savoring Telluride's Wine Festival

The Most Flavorful Summer Festival

During the summer festival season wine is certainly present at each and every weekend event, but only one weekend celebrates the spirit like the Telluride Wine Festival . It takes place June 23-26 and is a welcome bit of elegance after the flurry of Bluegrass Festival where wine is served with straws and plastic cups. At Wine Fest, you get a glass, but the rest is really up to you as far as how much you wish to participate. There are a variety of daily activities including educational tastings from wine experts, decadent meals made from the finest, freshest ingredients, informative culinary demonstrations by notable chefs and more than 20 participating wineries from as close by as Ignacio, Colorado’s Fox Fire Farms to as far as Chateau D’Escalans—bottlers of the delicious summertime sipping rosé Whispering Angel— in Southern France.

Telluride Wine Festival is a friendly, full-bodied festival with your choice of ticketed events. Patrons range from experienced aficionados who employ the spittoon after sniffing and swirling each of their tasting sips to simple enthusiasts who prefer to indulge in each and every glass of red, white, and everything in between. Whether you can or can’t identify notes of leather or raspberries or chocolate in a goblet, everyone is embraced at Wine Fest. It’s a smaller festival which makes for a more interactive and intimate atmosphere for sipping and celebrating wine at various venues in Telluride and Mountain Village. It all sounds simple enough, wine lovers meeting in the mountains at the peak of summer, but here are some helpful tips and things to bring to make the most of your festival.

  1. A is for Appetite:  You have to be ready to eat and drink, but Telluride Wine Festival is also unique for its venue in the high Rockies. Fill up on the local scenery by squeezing in a  hike  before an afternoon tasting. Then, switch out your  sneakers  for a more snazzy  mountain formal outfit  for the Grand Tasting.
  2. Be Prepared:  Telluride is super scenic, but the alpine environment can also be harsh. Bring a tote bag with  sunscreensun hat,  and  raincoat.  Late June is typically the warmest time of year, but temperatures still drop significantly at night, so it’s always good to have an  extra layer
  3. Write it down, or Type it up:  It’s hard to remember all the wines that wow your palate or the tricks to baking a perfect baguette, so bring a  notebook  and  pen  and write all the tidbits of knowledge gained at this informative four-day weekend full of food and wine events. Or, just bring your device -  i-Phone, i-Pad, MacBook,  etc., and take notes like a Millennial.
  4. Wine is Fine, but so is Water:  Throw a  water bottle  in your tote bag too. It’s incredibly important to be properly hydrated and nourished so you stay afloat in the spree of wine tastings. Drink lots of water and pace yourself with the wine. 
  5. Make a Plan:  Visit the website beforehand at  and pick the events you want to attend.

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