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5 Leaf Peeping Photo Tips

Get The Best Pictures This Fall

Telluride in the fall is undeniably beautiful. But sometimes what we’re seeing with our eyes doesn’t translate to the photos that we take. While we agree that a camera sometimes can’t reflect the pure beauty of the Telluride region, we do have some tips on how to best capture all that our Gold Season has to offer:

Location, Location, Location

Sometimes you need to get out of the box canyon to gain a bit more perspective. The fall is the perfect time to go for a beautiful drive to get expansive views of the canyon and surrounding peaks and colors. Head up to the top of Bridal Veil Falls for a beautiful westward view. Leave your hotel , and head over to Ridgway, one of Telluride’s neighboring towns to catch the breathtaking colors on Dallas Divide. About 45 minutes from town to town this stretch of highway on 145 is absolutely stunning when aspens start to turn. Trout Lake, just up Highway 145, is also another beautiful drive. This alpine lake is surrounded by aspens that usually peak around the 3rd or fourth weekend in September. The lake itself is still and calm, allowing for beautiful reflection photos

Panoramic Photos

The mountains surrounding Telluride are the perfect backdrop for spectacular landscape photos. Put your panoramic setting to good use where you have expansive terrain in front of you. Our recommendation is to enjoy dinner at Palmyra at the Peaks , where you can take in panoramic views of the Wilson Range.

Take a Walk

We recommend riding our free Gondola up to San Sophia station and taking a short walk or hike around. If you head just past the San Sophia overlook, look down on this historic town of Telluride for quintessential autumn in the Rockies photo op.

Timing is Everything

In the fall, its best to shoot in the early morning or late evening when lighting is the best. Sunrise and sunset provide the best light conditions and often illuminate the changing leaves of the season.

Get Up Close

While we can’t deny the power of a distant landscape shot during fall, try getting up close and personal with the leaves as well to show off their texture and vibrant colors. Up close the leaves can have so much detail, perhaps they are frosted from a recent snow, or water droplets in the late afternoon. Looking down and around is helpful too, sometimes the fallen leaves present a beautiful shot as if someone has decorated the trail in front of you.

We would love for you to share your Gold Season photos with us as well. Tag @TellurideSki on Instagram, or post your favorite photos on our Facebook Page!