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Telluride Colorado

Snowshoe Guides

Connie Colter

Connie Colter

Background: A Colorado native, raised in the foothills of Denver, a life-changing path led me to Telluride in the fall of 1978. It was not the steep and deep that lured me, but the isolation of a small mountain town. So many years ago, so many adventures...

I have a passion for botany and birdwatching and gaining knowledge of anything and everything about the natural world. Teaching native plant education classes and leading wildflower hikes for the last 7 years has been a joy and now snowshoeing offers new experiences in a winter world.

Our guests are diverse and I am always learning from them, too! We share knowledge through stories, real-life experiences and geeky facts. We head into the quiet beauty of the woods. I look forward to each tour!

Years Snowshoeing: Snowshoeing throughout the San Juan Mtns for 15 years, a Certified Interpretive Guide since 2014, this will be my 3rd season as a tour guide with TAC.

Insider Tips/Fun Fact: The earliest inhabitants of this area, the Nuchu (new-chew) or Utes, fashioned snowshoes out of willow branches, sinew and strips of hide from elk and deer.

John SirJesseJohn SirJesse

Background: I grew up in Monterey Park (a suburb of Los Angeles), and moved to Telluride in 1973 because I love the mountains. I started studying edible and medicinal plants in L.A., and continued studying here, a few years later getting into wild mushrooms. Started “Herb Walker Tours” in the eighties, leading plant and mushroom tours, as well as leading mushroom forays for the Telluride Mushroom Festival. I am also a Certified Mushroom Inspector for the state, inspecting for restaurants, etc. Now I consider myself a Naturalist, studying all aspects of our natural world. I designed and built a passive and active solar house on Wilson Mesa, and love living there!

Years Snowshoeing: Started cross country skiing soon after moving here, but gave it up in the late nineties because of a foot injury, and have been snowshoeing ever since.

Insider Tips/Fun Fact: We are not here to conquer or rise above nature, but to learn to be one with it.

Warner PaigeWarner Paige

Background: Retired retail business owner from Indiana.

Years Snowshoeing: Began snowshoeing in 2002 … led private snowshoe tours for 10 years and worked for Telski guiding tours for 7 years.

Insider Tips/Fun Fact: Do you want to know about Usnea … Telluride history, eateries and dignitaries … follow animal tracks … make Angels in the snow … see incredible sites … join us snowshoeing!