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Telluride Colorado


Peak Ascents

Mountain Trip is permitted to guide the Wilson Group of 14,000' peaks, or "14ers" that stand tall on the skyline to the west of Telluride. These routes feature some technical sections, large elevation gain and rough, unmaintained trail but offers a very rewarding summit views and a feeling of true accomplishment in the mountains. For a longer time in the wilderness, consider overnight backpacking as an add-on to your trip. More experienced mountaineers will enjoy linking up Mount Wilson and El Diente on a technical traverse along a ridge that remains over 13,500' for more than a mile. Ascents of these mountains are not to be taken lightly; they are not the same as "walk up" 14ers in the Front Range or other parts of the state.

Trekking and Backpacking

Our area offers some of the most spectacular trails in the country, from stunningly blue, secluded high-alpine lakes, to abundant wildflowers and waterfalls, to precipitous ridgelines and summits. We offer both day trips and overnight treks in the area and are permitted on a wide variety of trails. Few things compare to watching the sun set from camp in the alpine with no one else around, after a fresh cooked meal, surrounded by the alpenglow on rugged peaks above you. With permits from the edge of the Sneffels Range to the north, Ice Lakes basin to the southeast and the Wilson group to the west, we have a vast range of trails and all trips are highly customizable.

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