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Telluride Colorado

Fly Fishing

The waters of the San Juan Mountains are an angler’s dreamscape. From the freestone San Miguel to the glassy Dolores, the beauty of our surroundings is matched only by the variety of our fly fishing opportunities. Within casting distance of Telluride are countless high country lakes and more than 200 miles of trout streams. The guide staff of Telluride Outside includes some of the most accomplished anglers and instructors in the western United States.

Half day & full day trips from Telluride and Mountain Village

San Miguel River: The San Miguel offers superb fishing just minutes from Telluride. Home to four species – rainbows, cutthroat, brown trout and brook trout – the San Miguel is one of the last undammed rivers in the Rocky Mountains. Classic pocketwater and abundant trout make the San Miguel a beginner-friendly river and a great choice for both half and full day trips.

Upper Dolores River: The Upper Dolores watershed is fed by a dozen cutthroat and brook trout streams descending from alpine basins. The Main Fork and West Fork offer more than 75 miles of trout water. Willing fish and magnificent scenery make the Dolores a Colorado classic.

Full day trips from Telluride and Mountain Village

Lower Dolores River: Below the McPhee Reservoir, the Dolores winds like a spring creek through a lush, low-gradient valley. This is our most challenging dry fly water – a place for advanced anglers to test their skill and nerves.

Uncompahgre River: Large trout may be caught using a variety of techniques on the Uncompahgre. This special river offers outstanding match-the-hatch dry fly fishing in summer and fall months and some of our best winter fishing from November-April. In every season, the Uncompahgre is one of our favorite trout streams.

Gunnison River: Telluride Outside offers float fishing trips on the Lower Gunnison River. The mighty Gunnison is one of the finest trout streams in Colorado, famous for voracious brown trout and rainbows that can reach 2 feet in length.

Private Water: Telluride Outside holds 12 private water leases on the Dolores, San Miguel and Uncompahgre, the crown jewel destinations for fly fishing in Southwest Colorado. Please inquire for rates and availability.

Fly Fishing Rates: Please inquire. Rates are based on the guest-to-guide ratio.


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