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Telluride Colorado

Ticket Checking

We at Ticket Checking are looking for fun-loving, passionate, mountain town/winter enthusiasts who can provide world-class customer service and help create a positive workplace environment. No previous experience necessary – If you are eager to work hard and play even harder, we are eager to have you on the team!


Delton Poole

Delton Poole, Ticket Checking Manager
Office Phone: (970) 728-7565

  • Interests/Passions: Powder skiing, mono skiers, jumping off things, using church as a verb, helping people that need help, brown claw boaters, powder baskets on short poles, paying compliments, self-proclaimed ESPN analyst, clever distractions, punctuality, brightening people`s day, flipping rafts, podcasts of a large variety, Butter, Roll Tide, I love my job and love to work, getting lost, the smell of coffee brewing before my alarm goes off, a worn in pair of jeans and a crisp collared shirt, and a good ole fashioned public shaming.
  • Favorite Ski Run: Gold Hill Chute 8
  • Telluride Insider Tip: The singles line at the gondola is much faster and most cabins have room for 2-3 singles… Hint, hint, wink, wink.
  • Favorite Snack: Candy from HR, coffee from reception, and a smile from Jessica Griffith.
  • Favorite Quote: Perception is Reality
  • Family: The love of my life, Ms. Blair Hayes.