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Telluride Colorado

Terrain Parks

Telluride terrain parks is looking for passionate riders to help make our parks awesome.


Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith, Terrain Park Manager
Office Phone (970) 728-7371

  • Interests/Passions: Skiing, Ski-Touring, Art, Hydrology, Wake surfing, Gardening, Swimming.
  • Favorite Ski Run: On a sunny day: Hoot Brown Terrain Park or Roy Boy! On a pow day: Kant-Mak-M or Millions!
  • Telluride Insider Tip: Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Always scope your landings!
  • Favorite Snack: Coffee, carrots, and kale
  • Favorite Quote: “Life’s a garden—dig it!” – Joe Dirt
  • Family: I am sure that you will run into them around town!