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Telluride Colorado

On Mountain Guest Services & Guest Hosts

On Mountain Guest Services

The On-Mountain Guest Services team is for passionate skiers with a genuine desire to help guests of all ages and levels enjoy the best possible mountain experience. We work hard and in all conditions to share our love of the mountains.

Ski or Snowboard Assessment Required

Guest Services

Our Guest Service department is looking for energetic and fun loving individuals to join our world class Resort Host team. Only passionate advocates of Telluride with previous knowledge of the ski area and region need apply! This is a non-skiing position with optional ski breaks.

No Ski or Snowboard Assessment Required


Kevin Maughan

Kevin Maughan, Director of Resort Services
Personal Cell (970) 729-1411

  • Interests/Passions: Swimming, Mountain Biking, Skate Skiing, Spending time with my family.
  • Favorite Ski Run: Log Pile
  • Telluride Insider Tip: Stay hydrated (with water).
  • Favorite Snack: Anything from Giuseppe’s Restaurant
  • Favorite Quote: Smile, listen to music every day, tell someone you love them, tell yourself you love yourself, live life, love life.
  • Family: Wife Lacey, son Thomas, dog Larry