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Telluride Colorado

Bean Café at The Peaks

Located in The Peaks Resort & Spa

Open 7am – 5pm Daily
Enjoy different types of coffee, tea, juice, fresh baked pastries, house made breakfast burritos, and healthy portable snacks. The Bean Café features local Steaming Bean Coffee, and Two Leaves and a Bud organic whole leaf tea.


The Bean Café hires baristas.

No Ski or Snowboard Assessment required


Andreas Bazzani Andreas Bazzani, Altezza General Manager

  • Interests/Passions: : Food, wine, skiing, scuba diving
  • Favorite Ski Run: Andy’s Gold, Sully’s Remote
  • Telluride Insider Tip: For the best powder be first through the Lift #12 portal!
  • Favorite Snack: Vegemite on toast with lots of butter
  • Favorite Quote: Better to spill a bucket of water than a drop of wine.
  • Family: Family back in Australia, Dad and Mum Luigi and Athalie, and sister Alysia