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Telluride Colorado

Club Culture


Founded in 1992, the Telluride Ski & Golf Club is a private country club owned and operated by the Telluride Ski Resort. This unique club features golf, ski, spa, fitness and social facilities for the enjoyment of its members and attracts like-minded and successful people. Currently, the club consists of 480 full members and 600 timeshare members. The club offers 4 different year-round membership levels: the Platinum, the Platinum Winter, the Platinum Summer and the Silver membership. Each membership level offers varying benefits for the Members based upon the level of benefits and purchase price desired. 

In the winter season, the club functions as one department providing clubhouse services and social events for the members. In the summer season, the club grows and the Golf Department is added. The Golf Department includes the pro shop, retail, golf instruction, golf tournaments, golf groups, outside services and golf course maintenance.

Golf Club Services Department

Management Team

Here is an introduction to the leadership team of the Telluride Ski & Golf Club:

  • Robert Stenhammer, Vice President of Hospitality.
  • Rachel Bowers, Director of Membership.
  • Dale Abraham, Director of Golf & Instruction.
  • Tori Hale, Club Manager.
  • Morgan Ballou, Clubhouse Manager.
  • Cindy Smith, Golf Shop Merchandising Manager.
  • Kevin Cahalane, Golf Superintendent.
  • Tim Tooney, Assistant Golf Superintendent.
  • Rich Grimes, Outside Services Manager.

Telluride Ski & Golf Club Expectations

At the club, we have a “REAL” Service Promise which is about building lasting relationships.  And REAL means truly caring about and being interested in the well-being of our members/guests and each other.  The club expects our employees to get to know members/guests and learn their individual preferences.

As a group, our club employees created the following acronym that explains the “REAL” Service Promise:


  • Address concerns and follow-through.
  • Keep communication lines open and active.
  • Be proactive— anticipate needs and look for ways to be of service.


  • Know your job.
  • Be a professional.
  • Be a continuous learner.

Above and Beyond

  • Go the extra mile.
  • Provide "surprising" or "unbelievable" service.
  • Make life easier for our members.


  • Be a team player.
  • Take the initiative to improve the member/guest experience.
  • Show respect for members, guests and colleagues.
  • Seamlessly, pick up the ball when you see it falling.
  • Be active in our community.