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Carson Taylor

Director of Skier Services Sales

Worked at TSG since: 2005

Favorite ski run: Dynamo

Other interests: Fishing, Biking, Hunting, Baseball, Golf, All Yard Games

Favorite snack: Goldfish

Quote: If you’re looking for the good life, then I’d say you’ve been pointed in the right direction. Since making the move to Telluride out of college 9 years ago there has been no reason to look back.

Stephen Roth

Vice President of Culinary Services

Worked at TSG since: 2003

Favorite ski run: Happy Thought

Other interests: Golfing and Mountain Biking

Telluride insider tip: Check out Reverse Happy Hour at Tomboy Tavern from 8 pm through close

Favorite Snack: Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Mini-Pretzels

Estrella Woods

International Sales

Worked at TSG since: 2008

Ski industry experience: 16 years in ski/tourism industry. Moved to Colorado in '98 for a season and as they say, the rest is history.

Favorite ski run: Westlake

Family/Pets: Hubby Milan and little dog Lucy

Telluride insider tip: Panang curry at Siam. Anything from Indian Ridge Farm & Bakery

Favorite snack: Popcorn - Smartfood is my go to for road trips

Motto: Do what you love. Love what you do.

John Young

Lift Operations Manager

Worked at TSG since: 2009

Favorite ski run: Milk Run however it presents itself that day

Pets: Bowiea volobilis – my Climbing Onion plant

Telluride insider tip: Sleep 3 to a room if you have to as long as you ski everyday

Favorite snack: Full size Black Bean Sauté from Giuseppe’s.

Motto: Live Free or Die

Noah Sheedy

Director of Ski and Snowboard School

Worked at TSG since: 2007

Favorite ski run: Jackpot to Rock Slide

Other interests: Mountain biking, soccer, my wife and soon-to-be first son or daughter

Pets: Baja the black cat

Favorite snack: BIT cookies (definitely plural)

Motto: If you don’t have fun, it’s your own fault.

Chris Jaquet

Systems Administrator

Worked here since: 2003

Favorite ski run: Meadows Remote

Other interests: Family, whitewater river sports, rock climbing, mountain biking, bad puns, backcountry skiing, mountaineering

Telluride insider tip: Dirty Low-Down at Fat Alley

Other: San Miguel County Search and Rescue volunteer member 2004-present

Scott Pittenger

Director of Mountain Operations

Worked here since: 2007

Favorite ski run: Gold Hill Chute #8

Other interests: Rafting, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Fishing and Nordic Skiing

Family/Pets: Wife Meghan and Stanley the cat

Telluride insider tip: There is more snow in the trees

Motto: Don’t look back, someone is gaining on you. – Satchel Paige

Other: Telluride is the most amazing place I have ever lived.  I feel blessed to be working in this wonderful town, full of amazing people and endless adventure.

Cara Booz

Worked here since: 2013

Position: Nursery Manager

Favorite hike in Telluride: Wasatch Trail, there is definitely something cool about hiking on the resort in the summer on the trails you snowboard in the winter.

Favorite time of year/season in Telluride: Fall.  I love when the town is covered in gold aspens.

Favorite ski run: Rock slide

Family/Pets: Loving husband Kory

Favorite summer activity: ​Town park festivals

Favorite Telluride Attraction: Via Feratta, one of the best adventures this town has to offer.

Favorite Quote:  "You'll never work a day in your life if you're doing what you love."

Dale Abraham

Worked here since: 2014

Position: Director of Golf

Favorite hike in Telluride: June Lake

Favorite summer activities: Golf, Fly Fishing, and Hiking

Favorite time of year: ​Summer and Fall

Jamie Baker

Worked here since: 2015

Position: Risk Manager

Favorite ski run: Anything I can hike to

Other activities: Rafting, backcountry skiing, biking, hiking, cooking, crafting

Favorite snack: Prosciutto and dark chocolate

Favorite quote: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." -Mae West

Family: Fozzy Dog, the 14 pound adventure poodle

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to live, work, and ski in this amazing place.

Meghan Dostal

Telski employee since: 2015

Position: Director of guest services, Peaks Hotel & Spa

Favorite ski run: Revelation Bowl

Favorite summer activity: Camping

Family/Pets: Arizona the Dog

Favorite hike in Telluride: Bear Creek

Favorite Telluride attraction: Bridal Veil Falls

Tyler Sandstrom

Telski employee since: 2013

Position: Eco Adventures Supervisor

Favorite run: Bushwacker trees

Favorite motto: Hakuna Matata

Favorite summer activity: Mountaineering

Favorite Telluride hike: Wilson Peak...if that counts

Other interests: Slot canyoneering, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, live music

Derek Medina

Telski employee since: 2015

Position: Director of Security, Peaks Hotel & Spa

Favorite quote: "Whatever happens in Telluride stays in your system for 30 days!"

Family pet: Boxer

Favorite Festival: Film Festival

Favorite season in Telluride: ​Off season

Rich Grimes

Telski employee since: 2007

Position: Outside Services Supervisor/Adult Ski Instruction Supervisor

Favorite ski run: Dynamo

Favorite summer activity: Water skiing

Favorite snack: Guacamole

Favorite quote/motto: "If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there." - Captain Ron

Family/Pets: Wife, Lee Anna. Daughter, Molly. Son, Dillon. 1 year old lab, Rosie.

Favorite hike in Telluride: Liberty Bell

Favorite Telluride festival: Blues & Brews

Favorite time of year/season in Telluride: ​Deep Winter

Kevin MaughanKevin Maughan

Director of Resort Services

Worked Here Since: 2016 & 2007-13

Favorite Ski Run: Log Pile

Other interests: Swimming, Mountain Biking, Skate Skiing, Water Polo, Spending time with my family.

Family/Pets: Wife Lacey, son Thomas, dog Larry.

Telluride Insider Tip: Stay hydrated (with water).

Motto: Smile, listen to music every day, tell someone you love them, tell yourself you love yourself, live life, love life.