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Telluride Colorado


The Peaks Resort Webcam

The view looking west from the top of The Peaks Resort & Spa.

Altitude: 9,500 feet

Updates: Every 5 minutes

Allred's Webcam

The view looking northeast from the top of Allred's Restaurant.

Altitude: 10,535 feet

Updates: Every 5 minutes

Downtown Telluride Webcam

Courtesy of the Telluride Tourism Board

Altitude: 8,750 feet

Mountain Lodge Webcam

Courtesy of Mountain Lodge Telluride

Altitude: 9,500 feet


Village Cam

Located in the Mountain Village Core, the camera looks southeast towards lower Village Express (Lift 4), Misty Maiden trail and the Hoot Brown Intermediate Terrain Park.

Altitude: 9,540 feet

Updates: Every 10 minutes

Prospect Powcam

The snow shelf provides an unofficial measure of snow since 4pm the day before. Snow is cleared from the shelf at 4pm each day. The camera is located near the bottom of Gold Hill Express (Lift 14) in Prospect Bowl.

Altitude: 10,937 feet

Updates: Every 10 minutes

Top-A-Ten Webcam

The view from the top of Sunshine Express (Lift 10), looking southeast towards the Top-A-Ten Yurts and Ute Park. Gold Hill is in view in the distance to the left with Mountain Quail and Palmyra Peak to the right.

Altitude: 10,895 feet

Updates: Every 10 minutes

Third Webcam Link
Fifth Webcam Link