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    Otters (3-4 yrs)

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    Otters (3-4 Years)

    The Otters are geared toward our youngest guest by keeping the energy fun and light. We emphasize appropriate pacing so that our Otters have the best chance at a positive experience while experiencing sliding for the first time!

    Olivia the Otter
    Olivia the Otter, our 3-4 year old mascot, is playful and engages in crazy behaviors just for the fun of it - just like your little one.

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    Registration: 8:00am to 5:00pm daily
    Check-in: 9:00am to 10:00am
    Lesson: 10:00am to 3:00pm (nutritious lunch break mid-day)
    Pick-up: 3:00pm – 3:30pm

    Ability Levels

    Level 1 Level 1+ Level 1++
    First-time, never ever beginner Has put equipment on, can walk in ski boots and glide on two skis; working on making a wedge (pizza!) Can step into a wedge and straight run down a slight incline; working on stopping and gliding in a wedge
    Level 2 Level 2+ Level 2++
    Stops and glides in a wedge (pizza!) on the Magic Carpet incline; working on turning Controls speed and turn left and right on Magic Carpet incline; working on linking turns Links wedge turns and follow in a line on easiest green runs; working on controlling speed by turning
    Level 3
    Controls speed by turning and knows the rules of skiing in a group; ready to explore other green terrain.

    For Parents

    Is my child ready? 

    • Your child is ready if he or she is potty-trained, no longer needs mid-day naps, and is excited to join us they are ready!

    Registration process

    • Our Ski School sales office opens at 8am and closes at 5pm daily.  Come early to avoid waiting.  A sales associate will walk you through the registration process to make sure you fill out all necessary documents and will also process your payment.  (register online before your vacation to avoid this step all together and receive a online booking discount)
    • lease arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the end of check-in.
    • To save yourself time prior to the lesson, please get your child fitted and issued equipment the afternoon before the lesson (the rental shop closes daily at 5pm). Please plan for an additional hour to complete registration and rental fitting.

    What happens at check in once I’ve registered?

    • Once you have registered and have your child’s rental equipment, you may check your child in between 9am and 10am in the Ski School lobby – all Otters are based out of the Children’s Center located in the Ski School.
    • At check-in, your child will meet one of our enthusiastic instructors who will ask you about your child’s skiing experience as well as any special needs or considerations.
    • Please be sure to have the following documents with you at check-in that you received at registration:
      • Emergency Card, completely filled out front and back
      • Your child’s lift ticket
      • Your child’s lesson ticket
      • Your child’s Report Card (if your child has joined us before)
      • All equipment and ski clothing

    Rest of the day

    • After the check-in process, your child will be escorted back to meet his or her new Otter friends for a day of fun!
    • Instructors actively engage the children until all students have checked-in.  Once this happens it’s time for a bathroom break, then it’s time to get ready to ski.
    • Otters have two instructional sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  For experienced Otters, this means heading out to our Magic Carpet or beyond to hone their skills and have fun.  For inexperienced Otters, they may start with some indoor activities to get them comfortable before hitting the snow.
    • Lunch is served in the Children’s Center and includes a daily menu that is nutritious and energy-packed!
    • Instructors and their groups are back at the Children’s Center by 3pm for pick-up and to speak with you about how your son or daughter’s day went.

    Parent Checklist

    • Emergency Card, completely filled out front and back
    • Your child’s lift ticket
    • Your child’s lesson ticket
    • Your child’s Report Card (if your child has joined us before)

    All equipment and ski clothing, including:

    • A light base layer against their skin
    • Polar fleece tops and bottoms, based on the weather
    • Waterproof outside layers
    • Hat or helmet, along with a neck gaiter and waterproof mittens
    • Goggles – the sun is intense in Telluride!
    • Sunscreen applied – the sun is intense in Telluride at 10,000ft!

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    Otters (3-4 yrs)

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