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Bon Vivant

Categories: Classic Country French Cuisine

bon vivant - /bän-vē-vänt, bōⁿ-vē-väⁿ/ n. a person who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink.

Views from the massive deck are rivaled only by the 39 ft umbrella, and the menu features classic country French cuisine, top wines, and ski country’s best crepes and hand crafted hot chocolates. This idea was born in the heritage of the Rothschild family restaurants in France, where food and drink form an integral part of the everyday living culture. At Telluride's Bon Vivant, our ambition is to enrich people's lives through culinary experience, boasting surrounding natural beauty, sincere elegant service, luxury beverages and authentic delicious food. To experience Bon Vivant is to live the good life.

Bon Appétit!


To visit Bon Vivant during the ski season, take the Polar Queen Express (5) lift or ski down the Woozley’s Way trail from the top of Apex Lift (6). The restaurant is located at the top of the Polar Queen Express (5) lift.

Call (970) 708-1203 for more information
Open during the Winter Ski Season only
Top of Polar Queen Express (Lift 5), Telluride Ski Resort, Mountain Village, CO 81435
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