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    Air Quality and Fuel Reduction

    Telski and Mountain Village have been praised for solving access challenges with the gondola and chondola, and Dial-A-Ride shuttle programs.  Biodeisel fuel is being tested in larger quantities for use on the mountain and is currently used in small quantities in snowcats, in golf course utility vehicles and for summertime mountain maintenance, while the Telski supports the planning and construction of a biodeisel plant to serve the surrounding four-corners region is being studied. The resort is investigating incentives for carpooling and visitor mass transit, and implementing fuel-reduction programs for snowmobiles, snow cats and all resort vehicles. 


    • Telluride’s free gondola transportation system reduces need for 8-mile drive between the Mountain Village and Telluride.  Approximately 2 million people (and pets) ride the “G” each year.
    • The innovative Chondola system – with one gondola cabin per three lift chairs - provides free public transportation for workers from the densely populated Meadows area to Mountain Village and Telluride.
    • The free, on-demand Dial-A-Ride taxi service is available to residents and guests of Mountain Village throughout the year.
    • In conjunction with the gondola system, a free six-level parking structure was built to accommodate over 400 cars, to access the ski area and promote car-free travel throughout Mountain Village.
    • Employee shuttles are run to neighboring towns of Montrose and Norwood that save approximately 500,000 miles driven per year.
    • A year-round pedestrian trail system exists throughout Mountain Village, to connect residential and hotel areas with gondola transportation systems. 
    • The ski resort has purchased and will begin to phase 4-stroke snowmobiles into their fleet, to reduce air and noise pollution and assist with fuel reduction.
    • Biodeisel is being used and tested in golf cart tractors and summertime mountain equipment.
    • 165 units of low income housing have been developed and are managed by the Telluride Ski & Golf Resort.
    Air Quality and Fuel Reduction

    US Forest Service Telluride Ski Resort is a world-class Colorado ski resort and summer vacation destination located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains in Telluride, Colorado. In the summer, golfers and festivarians enjoy a beautiful mountain setting full of exciting activities and high-end amenities. In the winter, skiers and snowboarders have access to over 2,000 acres of beginner, intermediate and advanced skiing terrain with a vertical drop of 4,000 feet. Non-stop flights to Telluride Airport (TEX) and Montrose/Telluride Airport (MTJ) are available from major cities throughout the United States and, once you're here, Telluride's free gondola is the main source of transportation - no traffic or long lift lines, and no driving once you've arrived. Experience Telluride - plan your visit today!

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