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    Travel Tips

    Airfare Help

    Getting to Telluride is easier than ever with direct jet service from 9 cities and additional connections from across the globe.  The main airports servicing the Telluride region are Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) and Telluride Regional Airport (TEX).  Additional travel options include Grand Junction and Durango. 

    For the most comprehensive listing of air travel options and availability from your home to ours, visit   

    Renting a Car vs Shuttle

    There are several different ways for getting from the airport to your chosen accomodations.  The two most popular options are renting a car or taking a shuttle service.  If arriving in Montrose you will want to make your decision based on how many people are in your party.  If you have 4 or more people traveling with you, renting a car is probably your cheapest option - just remember to request four wheel drive.  If you have less than 4 people or if you prefer the convenience of having someone else doing the driving a shuttle service is your best bet. 

    No matter what your decision, once you arrive in Telluride you will not need a car for getting to the slopes or around town.  Everything is within walking distance. In fact, if you have rented a car, you may find that it sat in the same parking spot all week so make sure you check with your lodging to ensure that you have access to parking. 

    For a complete listing of ground transportation options , click here.  


    Lodging options in Telluride and Mountain Village run the gammut from full service hotels to condominiums to private homes.  Many people choose Telluride for its historical charm and proximity to nightlife and restaurants whereas families prefer the relaxation and convenience afforded by the modern Mountain Village.  No matter your preference, our reservation specialists can set you up with the perfect home away from home.  

    Last minute lodging specials can also be found on our Hot Deals page found here.  Be sure to check back frequently.

    For packages and reservations call Telluride Resort Reservations at 800.778.8581.

    Equipment and Gear Checklist

        * Ski/Snowboard Boots (see boot travel suggestions below)
        * Goggles
        * Helmet
        * Skis/Snowboard
        * Ski Poles
        * Ski/Board Bag (see ski travel suggestions below)
        * Sunglasses
        * Gloves or Mittens
        * Base Layer (shirt and bottoms preferably moisture wicking material such as Capilene)
        * Fleece
        * Ski Socks (thin padded ski socks are best - never wear two socks)
        * Ski Pants
        * Ski Jacket
        * Neck Gaiter (for the rare cold day)
        * Hat, Headband or Helmet Liner

    Traveling with Ski Gear

    If you decide to bring all of your own equipment, there are a few tips to make your gear gets here as you had intended.  Most people prefer a padded soft ski bag, most of which will accomodate at least two pair of skis and poles.  For additional protection for your gear and to free up space in the rest of your luggage, wrap your skis and poles with your ski pants, jackets and other clothing. Recently airlines have changed their policies on traveling with oversized luggage.  Be sure to check your carriers policies ahead of time to avoid unexpected charges.

    Your boots are your most essential piece of equipment - if possible, always carry your ski boots on to the plane with you.  A soft sided boot bag can accomodate a pair of boots and other travel essentials.  Airlines inevitably lose luggage from time to time and you will not want to miss your boots.  Skis can easily be rented with no loss of comfort, but nothing can ruin a ski trip like a pair of unfamiliar boots.

    Your Own Gear vs Renting

    If your skis or board are more than a few years old, you may want to consider renting.  The multitude of equipment retailers in the area offer a wide range of the most cutting edge ski and snowboard technology on the market for use as demos.  If you happen to fall in love with your adopted gear, many retailers will even credit the cost of the demo towards a purchase of your new boards.  Experience the best the industry has to offer while avoiding the hassle of traveling with skis...just remember to bring your own boots if you have them.


    Make sure your child is ready to go skiing.  If this is your child's first time skiing, plan on purchasing a lesson for your child. Even if you think you could teach your child to ski, letting the pros handle things is the best bet.  You can enjoy yourself skiing and your child will make plenty of new friends.

    Dress your child appropiately. Cold toes or fingers can ruin a good ski day and may have your child running for the nearest fire place. Invest in quality ski jackets and ski pants, and don't forget the ski socks and ski gloves.  Be sure to dress your child in layers that can easily be shed.  If your child is cold, he or she may not ever be able to truly experience the joy of skiing.

    A helmet is highly recommended for your child. Accidents happen, but wearing a helmet is the best way to stay safe. Goggles or sunglasses are also a must.  The sun is very bright up here.

    Equipment rentals can be arranged through the children's ski school.  If your kids already have equipment, make sure the gear fits well. We also know how fast they grow, so be sure your child's bindings are adjusted to their current weight and height.

    Sun Exposure

    Wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat to avoid sun exposure.

    Did you know?

    • Fresh snow can reflect up to 90% of the sun's dangerous UV Rays.
    • When working or playing at higher elevations you are exposed to 50% more UV radiation
    • Up to 80% of UV radiation from the sun can pass through the clouds

    Always wear plenty of sunscreen and continually apply it throughout the day.

    High Altitude Tips

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Telluride is perched in the mountains at a higher altitude than you are likely accustomed to. Combat the potential affects of altitude sickness by drinking an abundance of water (twice the amount you normally consume). It is also wise to limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine the first couple of days at altitude as they can cause dehydration.  Before traveling to altitude, ask your doctor about any current illnesses or conditions affecting you now that could be exacerbated by altitude, such as high blood pressure, angina, or pregnancy. Make sure these conditions are under control before you come up here.

    • Avoid over exertion upon arrival. Take it easy on the slopes the first day.
    • At first sign of a headache, take ibuprofen; 400-600 milligrams may be very helpful

    Headache, nausea, trouble sleeping, and dizziness are the symptoms of altitude sickness. Seek treatment if symptoms continue longer than 24-48 hours or the symptoms are severe, such as vomiting, severe headache or difficulty breathing. It is quite common to have minor symptoms or difficulty breathing the first few hours at altitude.  Medical care may include the use of oxygen or medication. Although traveling to lower altitudes treats altitude sickness, very rarely do sufferers need to resort to these measures. Altitude sickness is often compared to sea sickness.

    Travel Tips

    US Forest Service Telluride Ski Resort is a world-class Colorado ski resort and summer vacation destination located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains in Telluride, Colorado. In the summer, golfers and festivarians enjoy a beautiful mountain setting full of exciting activities and high-end amenities. In the winter, skiers and snowboarders have access to over 2,000 acres of beginner, intermediate and advanced skiing terrain with a vertical drop of 4,000 feet. Non-stop flights to Telluride Airport (TEX) and Montrose/Telluride Airport (MTJ) are available from major cities throughout the United States and, once you're here, Telluride's free gondola is the main source of transportation - no traffic or long lift lines, and no driving once you've arrived. Experience Telluride - plan your visit today!

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