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Airports and Flights serving Telluride

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Located in Southwestern Colorado, Telluride has two nearby airports that have direct flights from major cities around the United States.

Montrose/Telluride Regional Airport (MTJ) to Telluride is a 2 hour drive on well-maintained State Highways through the San Juan mountains. Rental cars, airport transfers and shuttle services are available.

Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) is a 10-minute drive away from Telluride and Mountain Village. Shuttle services and car rentals are available, and many Telluride and Mountain Village hotels also offer complimentary pickup and drop-off services.

Most guests walk around town or use Telluride's free Gondola and shuttle services to move between Telluride and Mountain Village once they are here.

Summer 2012 Air Map and Schedule

Dallas (DFW) - Montrose (MTJ) - American/American Eagle Dates in operation: 6/12 to 8/26
From To Departs Arrives Days
Dallas (DFW) Montrose (MTJ) 10:15a 11:15a Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Dallas (DFW) 11:45a 2:45p Daily

Houston (IAH) - Montrose (MTJ) - Continental Airlines Dates in operation: 6/12 to 9/25
From To Departs Arrives Days
Houston (IAH) Montrose (MTJ) 11:45a 1:04p Wed/Sat
Montrose (MTJ) Houston (IAH) 2:15p 5:38p Wed/Sat

Denver (DEN) - Montrose (MTJ) - United/United Express Airlines Dates in operation: July-August
From To Departs Arrives Days
Denver (DEN) Montrose (MTJ) 7:46a 8:47a Daily
Denver (DEN) Montrose (MTJ) 11:51a 12:51p Daily
Denver (DEN) Montrose (MTJ) 3:05p 4:10p Daily
Denver (DEN) Montrose (MTJ) 7:25p 8:31p Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Denver (DEN) 6:15a 7:21a Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Denver (DEN) 9:17a 10:24a Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Denver (DEN) 1:26p 2:40p Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Denver (DEN) 4:45p 5:51p Daily

Denver (DEN) - Montrose (MTJ) - United/United Express Airlines Dates in operation: September
From To Departs Arrives Days
Denver (DEN) Montrose (MTJ) 12:00p 1:00p Daily
Denver (DEN) Montrose (MTJ) 3:10p 4:10p Daily
Denver (DEN) Montrose (MTJ) 7:35p 8:35p Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Denver (DEN) 6:15a 7:18a Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Denver (DEN) 1:30p 2:33p Daily
Montrose (MTJ) Denver (DEN) 4:40p 5:43p Daily

Denver (DEN) - Telluride (TEX) - Great Lakes Airlines Dates in operation: May-September
From To Departs Arrives Days
Denver (DEN) Telluride (TEX) 10:15a 11:15a Daily
Denver (DEN) Telluride (TEX) 2:40p 3:51p Saturdays
Denver (DEN) Telluride (TEX) 3:10p 4:21p Sundays
Telluride (TEX) Denver (DEN) 1:01p 2:05p Daily
Telluride (TEX) Denver (DEN) 4:10p 5:05p Saturdays
Telluride (TEX) Denver (DEN) 4:31p 5:35p Sundays

Airports and Flights serving Telluride

US Forest Service Telluride Ski Resort is a world-class Colorado ski resort and summer vacation destination located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains in Telluride, Colorado. In the summer, golfers and festivarians enjoy a beautiful mountain setting full of exciting activities and high-end amenities. In the winter, skiers and snowboarders have access to over 2,000 acres of beginner, intermediate and advanced skiing terrain with a vertical drop of 4,000 feet. Non-stop flights to Telluride Airport (TEX) and Montrose/Telluride Airport (MTJ) are available from major cities throughout the United States and, once you're here, Telluride's free gondola is the main source of transportation - no traffic or long lift lines, and no driving once you've arrived. Experience Telluride - plan your visit today!

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